Best Flagship Smartphones in 2020 | Top Ranked Phones

Best Flagship Smartphones in 2020 | Top Ranked Phones

Nowadays, the tech market is full of smartphones and currently, some flagship smartphones are ruling the market. When we start thinking about a flagship device we can hardly think of 3-4 brands. There are many brands launching their smartphones but when it comes to premium flagship devices we generally trust specific brands. The first brand which comes to mind as a flagship phone is “Apple”. We can easily say Apple is a brand which only deals in premium and flagship devices either we talk about Apple mobile phones or we talk about its other devices like iPad, iMac, etc. Except for Apple, some other truly amazing brands which are ruling the market currently are Samsung, OnePlus & Google Pixel

Yes, we are aware of all these brands. These companies always launch something new for their customers. When we think of buying a flagship phone, we normally get confused with these brands. Some people get confused because of different eye-catching color designs while some get confused because of their specifications. Anyway, everyone has a different taste and thus starts comparing.

Best Flagship Smartphone in 2020

Tagline plays a very important part of getting into any customer’s mind. While watching tv or reading articles we normally get attracted by the amazing taglines provided by these brands. Let’s see what kind of tagline our flagship mobile brands use- 

Apple uses “Think Different.”

Samsung uses “Do What You Can’t” 

One Plus uses “Never Settle”

Google Pixel uses “You Even Get The Stars”

Best Smartphones in 2020| Specification, Rumors

Today, let’s discuss these brands. For what features they are specifically famous for and which new smartphones they have launched and they are going to launch in 2020. 

apple smartphonesApple

This brand always tries to bring something new that can amaze anyone. Even it’s the tagline “Think Different” shows its unique structure. We can see the previous iPhone models and can easily observe their special body designs and patterns. Another major factor that makes Apple unique is its software platform. Apple uses its own platform “IOS”. The iPhone isn’t an android based device, it’s IOS which is considered much secure and powerful as well as easy to use.

  • iPhone 11

The Apple iPhone 11 series has been ruling the market because of its superb specifications, one can easily purchase any variant through any online or apple store. If you are thinking of purchasing an iPhone 11, it may cost you between $699- $845 approx and if you try to go with the middle variant i.e iPhone 11 pro, it will approximately cost you $999. iPhone 11 max pro is the top variant of the iPhone 11 series. 

Apple  has recently  launched the iPhone 11 series which includes three models:

  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 pro
  • iPhone 11 max pro

iPhone 11 max pro comes with a price range between $1099 to $1449 which is actually quite expensive for a smartphone. Let’s talk about the top variant of the Apple smartphone that is currently available in the market. Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is available in four colors: Midnight green, space gray, silver, and gold. Apple iPhone 11 pro max provides customers with a lot of specifications like:

  1. 64GB/ 256GB/ 512GB internal storage space
  2. 6.5 -inch (XDR super retina display)
  3. 2688×1242 display resolution 
  4. 458 PPI (pixel per inch)
  5. A13 chip (third-generation neural engine)
  6. Triple 12MP camera (ultra-wide, wide and telephoto capturing and for video recording in 4k and slow motion) 
  • iPhone 12

Apple is planning to launch its next series of iPhone 12 this year in autumn which includes three models:

  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 pro
  • iPhone 12 pro max

Now, we have heard that iPhone 12 is expected to be released in 2020 and also have heard many rumors and features of this premium device. Well, it is expected that iPhone 12 will be Apple’s first 5G supported device which will independently support 5G connections to users, even though we have heard that the iPhone 12 will come with a full-frame screen. Yes, it is expected that iPhone customers will get rid of notch and will be able to use a full-frame screen

Some expected features of iPhone 12 are:

  1. Apple iPhone 12 will be a compact device of about 5.4 -inch display and will remind us of a lot of iPhone 5.
  2. It’s also expected that we will see an A14 Bionic chip in the iPhone 12.
  3. It will be launched with 4GB RAM.
  4. It will have 5G connection support. 
  5. 128GB and 256GB of internal storage are expected to be provided.

Let’s discuss this new upcoming smartphone’s features.

  1. The iPhone 5 series was a great success as people loved the design and size of the 5 series, releasing the iPhone 12 with the same design can attract a lot of audiences.
  2. A14 chip i.e. expected in the new iPhone 12 can come with some new amazing features which make the iPhone more powerful. 
  3. A 5G connection with A14 chip can be proved as a deadly combination against other releasing brands.
  4. iPhone 12 can also attract an audience if it comes with the expected price range between $645 to $745 approx. People who can’t invest in an iPhone 12 max or 12 max pros will get attracted to the iPhone 12.

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samsung smartphone


Samsung is a company, we can say which deals in all kinds and categories of smartphones. People of every class use Samsung smartphones, as it provides smartphones that can be categorized from cheap to mid-range and mid-range to premium flagship devices. Currently in 2020, Samsung launched the Galaxy S20 Ultra of it’s S series and claimed that it’s the best smartphone in the market currently. In a statement, Samsung said: “We chose the name S20 because we wanted a name that kicks off the next 10 years of innovation.” 

On the other side, it is expected that Samsung will launch another flagship device Samsung Galaxy Note 20 of its Note 20 series and it is said that this flagship can also be a good competition for iPhone 12. 

Some features and design details that Samsung is providing with Galaxy S20 Ultra-

  1. Samsung provides an AMOLED 2x capacitive touchscreen which has 16m color.
  2. It also gives users a classic and attractive look by it’s 6.9 -inches screen which has 511 PPI density, that means this screen will consist of 511 pixels per inch that will give you great quality pictures and videos, and the image will not scatter once zoomed in.
  3. Android 10 is installed in this flagship and is absolutely ready for the next update, it also has UI 2 which runs on an Exynos 990 processor that makes this flagship much more powerful.
  4. The screen resolution provided by Samsung in this smartphone is 1440×3200.
  5. 12GB of RAM is available in this model.
  6. The Galaxy S20 ultra will provide you with an internal storage of 128GB/ 256GB.
  7. Camera features are quite impressive as it provides users with four different lenses- 108MP, 48MP,12MP, and 0.3MP lenses which can amazingly capture wide, periscope telephoto, ultra width and a number of shots. 
  8. Video features provide users to record moments with 8k and 4k recording which will make your video capturing moments memorable.

Let’s come on the other side and see what features are expected to be in the coming soon Samsung Galaxy Note 20

  1. It is expected that this flagship will be launched with 12GB of RAM.
  2. A 6.9-inch display will be provided to the users.
  3. The refresh rate is expected to be 488 PPI, with a super AMOLED display.
  4. The super AMOLED display is expected to have a 1440×3040 display resolution.
  5. The system may use the powerful Exynos 990 processor.
  6. Camera features may have a triple-lens: 108MP, 48MP, and 12MP lens and also have a 40MP magnificent front-facing camera.
  7. The battery is expected to be 4000 mAh.  

Let’s discuss this new upcoming smartphone’s features:

  1. 12GB of RAM with Exynos 990 processor provides strong support to run any application or game without any error.
  2. A 1440×3040 display resolution with a 6.9-inch screen and 488 PPI gives a smooth screen experience.
  3. The triple camera lens makes it possible to capture sharp and clear images.
  4. 4000mah battery is provided which lets the device run for long hours.

google pixel smartphone

Google Pixel    

Google pixel is a flagship device launched by Google. A few years back, Google launched a smartphone and named it Google Pixel. Now Google Pixel is a leading flagship smartphone brand in the tech world. In 2020, Google Pixel is expected to launch a new pixel smartphone. It was an unofficial announcement that this flagship is going to be released on June 3, 2020, it’s not verified yet. “Google Pixel 4A”, is a well-designed smartphone with an amazing and attractive design and features.

  • Google Pixel 4A

  1. It is expected that this smartphone will have a 5.81 -inch display.
  2. The resolution is expected to be 1080×2340.
  3. This model will be sporting the Android 10 version.
  4. Snapdragon 730 is expected to be the processor for this phone and it will be installed with 441 PPI.
  5. 4 GB RAM will be expected with 128GB internal storage plus unlimited storage on Google Drive.
  6. The camera can be of 12.2 MP + 8MP that allows 4k recording. Not only that, but even the selfie camera also provides 1080p @30fps video recording with an 8MP lens.
  7. The battery is expected to be 3080 mAh with fast charging.

Let’s discuss this new upcoming smartphone’s features:

  1. If we talk about Google Pixel 2, it was capable of capturing perfect portrait mode pictures with a single camera. An all-new Google Pixel 4A dual camera is provided which can surprise customers. 
  2. Google Pixel still provides a headphone jack, customers can casually use wired earplugs.
  3. An extended RAM version will be provided which may have 6 GB RAM.
  4. Google Pixel 4A color variants can attract customers as all-new pixels come with great color designs.

oneplus smartphone

One Plus       

One plus just launched some best selling smartphones. This brand releases its new flagship smartphone every 6 months and almost every smartphone becomes the talk of the town and proves to be the best selling smartphone in the market. In 2020, One Plus is expected to launch a new smartphone which can be the best selling smartphone once again. It is expected that One Plus is soon going to launch the new “One Plus 8 Pro”.

  • One Plus 8 Pro

One Plus 8 Pro comes with a lot of interesting features. Let’s discuss this amazing flagship features: 

  1. This flagship is expected to be launched with 8GB RAM.
  2. It will have a huge internal storage of 128GB/ 256GB.
  3. It is also expected to be launched with a Snapdragon 865 processor.
  4. Its screen size is expected to be 6.78 -inch.
  5. The camera quality of this flagship is well defined with 48MP+ 48MP+ 8MP+ 5MP  and a 16MP front-facing camera.
  6. The display resolution is expected to be 1440×3168 with a 120 Hz refresh rate.
  7. The image resolution is expected to be 8000×6000 pixels.
  8. This device also supports the fastest charging i.e. 30W, 50% in 23 min.

Let’s discuss some of its new features:

  1. All new one plus is providing 8 GB of RAM  with 865 Snapdragon, which indicates the power we can expect in this flagship.
  2. When the device provides 6.78 inches of display with ‘warp charging’, the user will not think twice to download any loaded game.
  3. The camera provided by One Plus in this device pushes the user’s expectation of capturing moments.

Except for all these flagship smartphone brands we can count on some more brands as they are also going to launch a beast which can be a great competition for all given above. 

Huawei smarphonesHuawei

Nowadays, Huawei is launching some phones which are incredibly powerful and have great specs. Let’s see a few expected features about our new upcoming smartphone by Huawei i.e. Huawei P40 series. Well this Huawei P40 series comes with three variants:

  1. Huawei P40 
  2. Huawei P40 Pro 
  3. Huawei P40 Pro Plus 
  • Huawei P40 Pro Plus

It is expected that this smartphone will be released between a price range of $632 to $1399. The top variant price can be between $999 to $1399.  Huawei P40 Pro Plus comes with expected  features like:

  1. This flagship smartphone may be launched with a 6.58-inch display with runs on the HiSilicon Kirin processor.
  2. 8GB RAM is provided, maybe extending to 12GB.
  3. The screen comes with 90Hz of refresh rate and 441 PPI.
  4. Camera structure is great which gives 50+ 40+ 8+ 8 MP Quad Primary Cameras.
  5. Dual LED Flash 32 MP Front Camera.
  6. The 4200 mAh battery is provided with a fast charging feature that makes your device ever ready whenever you go out. 

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Best Flagship Smartphone in 2020


As we discussed some smartphones above which are currently available in the market while some are expected to be launched this year. 

  • According to the specifications that we studied above, One Plus 2020  smartphones can be considered as perfect for users as this brand is expected to launch a smartphone with a great screen and strong processor with a wrap charging feature that can attract most of the users. If a person is able to charge his/her phone 50% in 23 min, they won’t try to carry a power bank.
  • People who prefer IOS over ANDROID can wait for iPhone 12 or can also go for iPhone 11 max pro which is currently available in stores.

Some people always stick to a specific brand because they trust that brand or we can say they just feel comfortable using that brand even if they get a little fewer features. iPhone and One Plus can be expected as the best launch of 2020.

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