Best Small Size (Compact Smartphones) to buy in 2021

Best Small Size (Compact Smartphones) to buy in 2021

Best Small-Size Compact Smartphones: Honestly speaking, compact smartphones are in a dead-end race people are more interested in large OLEDs in mobile phones. But, there are many people who are interested in having small-sized smartphone. There are not as many compact smartphones as once used to be, but companies like Apple, Samsung are now bringing their flagship phone in compact size as well. The iPhone manufacturer continues to dominate the small phone markets with some strong options, both iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone SE. Google Pixel and Samsung still keep the segment alive with Compact and affordable smartphones.

In this context, we have established this guide to illustrate the best compact solutions for a variety of budgets. We divided it into parts, the first covering high-end telephones, the second mid-rangers, and the third affordable phones, so if you’re only moving into the segment that suits your budget after a Small Smartphones. Here’s a quicker look at some of the best pick small phones out there right now, with screens sized at or under 6 inches. For our generally favorite handsets regardless of size, be sure to take a quick look at our list of the best phones available today.

Why phones are getting bigger and bulkier?

New technology and trends do warrant size scaling. Here are some reasons why our phones are getting bigger, thicker, and heavier.

  • Larger batteries – People use their phones more to satisfy their needs and need more power. Out of batteries, however, larger batteries also need more room and bloat telephones.
  • Rapid charging — batteries that support fast charging need more thick separators between the anode and the cathode. In the end, they contribute to the density.
  • Scale-up – is warranted by emerging technology and trends. Here are some reasons why our phones grow larger, thicker, and heavier.
  • 5G – Regardless of the status of the 5G networks, this year, 5G will be ready for all prominent phones. 5G supports more batteries and thicker antennas. 5G supports.

  • More cameras – Multiple cameras need more space to stack. Our phone needs to grow as “quad-cameras” are increasingly a standard.
  • Thicker cameras – not only the number but also the camera sensor resolution is increasing dramatically. Thicker sensors are Quad-Bayer – 48MP, 64MP, 108MP. Our telephones are thicker to absorb the bump component.

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The Best Small size Phones you can buy Today

1. iPhone 12 mini

best small iphone12 mini


Display: 5.4-inch OLED (2340×1080) | CPU: A14 Bionic | RAM: 4GB | Storage/Expandable: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB / No | Rear Camera: 12MP wide (ƒ/1.6), 12MP ultra-wide (ƒ/2.4) | Front Camera: 12MP (ƒ/2.2

The iPhone 12 mini is mounting a 5.4′′ ceramic shield-proof FHD OLED panel in numbers. At 135 grams, it is also extremely light. iPhone 12 Mini is just small but uncompromisingly powerful and brings all major upgrades to the regular iPhone 12. This includes re-design, new Bionic A14 processors, OLED displays, improved cameras, and 5G. This includes a new design. Apple called it the world’s smallest 5G telephone. In all, compact phone enthusiasts should be satisfied. Not only that, it will pave the way for an entire small telephone bandwagon in Android.

2. iPhone SE (2020)

Small Size Iphone SE


Display: 4.7 inch LCD (1334 x 750) | CPU: A13 Bionic | RAM: 3GB | Storage/ Expandable: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB | Rear Camera: 12MP wide (ƒ/1.8) | Front camera: 7MP (ƒ/2.2) | Weight: 5.22 ounces

The iPhone 8 has been recycled by Apple, refined, and introduced by the phone as iPhone SE 2020. The slim, light, and lightweight body of the phone is the largest attraction. The telephone is far too high in India, but you may consider sourcing it from other markets if you become part of Apple’s ecosystem. The 4.7-inch LCD IPS monitor is just 7.3mm in thickness and only weighs 148g on the iPhone SE 2020. The iPhone SE comes in three storage variants with the new A13 Bionic Chipset. With an OIT-based 12MP rear camera, the Smart HDR and computer photo algorithms are available.

3. Google Pixel 4a

Best Small size smarptphones


Display: 5.81 inch OLED (2340 x 1080) | CPU: Snapdragon 730 G | RAM: 6 GB | Storage / Expandable: 128GB / No | Rear camera: 12.2MP (ƒ/1.7) | Front camera: 8MP (ƒ/2.0) | Weight: 5.04 ounces

The Google Pixel 4a is difficult to get too excited about – or the gangly cousin of Pixel 4a depending on how you look at it. The 4a 5G pixel has as many drawbacks as its strengths: The poor performance of your phone undermines the smooth build of Android and the admirable life of your phone does not make you forget that Google loses its edge. The pixel 4a 5G is certainly ‘good’ for its price, but competitive devices are far more exciting.

4. Google Pixel 5

Best small size phone Google-Pixel-5


Display: 6-inch OLED (2340×1080) | CPU: Snapdragon 765G | RAM: 8GB | Storage / Expandable: 128GB / No | Rear camera: 12.2MP wide (ƒ/1.7); 16MP ultrawide | Front camera: 8MP (ƒ/2.0) | Weight: 5.3 ounces | Battery life (Hrs:Mins): 9:29

Google Pixel 5 delighted us also with a smaller phone than expected. This year, we won’t have Pixel 5 instead for full-screen real estate, we get a good compact phone with no thick bezel. The downside is that the snapdragon processor isn’t the fastest in the industry and although its price is smaller, might not be as low as the competition on the smartphone market is on the Android side. It has the same main sensor as the Pixel 4 but dips the camera into an ultra-wide angle. However, the output of the camera is still the best in the business. Above all, however, you get the “pure” Android experience and state-of-the-art AI features Google is constantly creating. Not an overall wrong kit, particularly as not many compact Android phones are in existence these days.

5. Samsung Galaxy S10e

best small phone Galaxy S10e


Display: 5.8-inch OLED (2160×1080) | CPU: Snapdragon 855 | RAM: 6GB, 8GB | Storage / Expandable: 128GB, 256GB / Yes | Rear camera: 12MP wide (ƒ/1.5, ƒ/2.4); 16MP ultrawide (ƒ/2.2) | Front camera: 10MP wide (ƒ/1.9) | Weight: 5.29 ounces

The Samsung Galaxy S10e is smaller than the Galaxy S20 phones, but it is still super powerful if it is over a year old. This one is well worth considering if you are after a portable handset. In addition to a small scale, Samsung is also able to give you the best specs and performance in 2019. Depending on your area, under the hood is a Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9820 CPU, which has a maximum of 8GB of RAM and a storage capacity of 256GB (which you can also expand). Fill in the colors of the Samsung Galaxy S10e and this is a fantastic overall collection for people who want a smaller screen. The price starts to decline as it gets older.

6. Samsung Galaxy S20

Compact Galaxy S20 smartphone


Screen Size: 6.7 inches | Andriod Versions: 10 with one UI 2 | Processor: Snapdragon 865 +(US)/Exynos 990 (WW) | Cameras: 12MP, 64MP, 12MP and time-of-flight sensor (Rear); 10MP (Front) | RAM & Storage: 12 GB /128 , 512 GB

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is an amazing handset. It maintains Samsung’s best features and experience for 2020 and manages to do this remarkably without sacrifices in a thin and ergonomic way. The height of the telephone is 7.9mm and 163 grams. Galaxy S20 has a fabulous 120 Hz monitor, a powerful stereo, a powerful chipset and a 25 W fast charging battery with 4000 mAh. We highly suggest that you search for a premium compact phone.

7. iPhone XS

small size phones iphone xs


Display: 5.8 inches super Retina Display | CPU: A11 Bionic | RAM: 3 GB | Storage:64GB / 256GB |  Rear Camera: 12MP+12MP (both OIS) | Front Camera: 7 MP, f/2.2, 32mm (standard) | Battery: Li-Ion 2658 mAh, non-removable (10.13 Wh)

The iPhone XS was a real Apple game, but one that paid off for our test for six months. The losing of the Home Button was dangerous, but after years of similarity and premium design, extra strength, all-screen mixing, the best iPhone Apple ever made was a serious step. Anything that costs so much cannot be perfectly judged – but this is the closest Apple to smartphone perfection ever had.

Final Verdict

As you can see a wide variety of lightweight small-size phones are available at various prices, strengths, and systems. Although these are mentioned above the price brackets and quality of the goods are in roughly upwards order, followed by a  random round-up in terms of their size and quality. However, you’ll only have options for iPhones of previous generations and flagships for Samsung and Google when you need a small inexpensive handset.

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