5 Best Wireless Charger for Note 20 & Galaxy S20

5 Best Wireless Charger for Note 20 & Galaxy S20

Over the last couple of years, the Samsung Galaxy S and note series is famous for its galaxy note lineup especially wireless chargers for Galaxy Note20 capabilities. The new Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 ultra include 4300 mAH and 4500 mAH batteries and include support for the best wireless chargers which are speedy, consistent, and stylish. Wireless charging is not as fast as plain sophisticated wired charging for the Galaxy 20. However, since all the wireless chargers aren’t made the same which gives you the connivance of just putting down your phone on a wireless charging pad and relax.

Best Wireless Fast Charger for Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra

These wireless charging pad will work with all devices having wireless charging (including iPhone). Just charging speed varies as per devices. There are mainly 2 types of charging, normal charge, and fast charge.

Product Name  Features Check Availability  
Samsung 15 W Wireless Stand
  • 15W Output
  • 25W AC Adapter
  • USB C-type cable
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Samsung Wireless Charger Duo pad
  • 7.5W “adaptive fast charging
  • Qi-enabled
  • USB C-type cable.


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Anker 3-in-1 Powerwave 10 stand

  • 10W adaptive fast charging
  • 36W wall adapter
  • USB Type-A ports
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Samsung 10,000mAh portable wireless charger
  • 25W fast wired charging
  • 10,000mAh battery
  • USB Type -C ports
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Anker 15W Powerwave Pad Alloy
  • 10W &11W output
  • Silicon pads
  • USB A to C-type cable
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Below are plenty of wireless chargers for Galaxy Note 20 mentioned that will work to make your purchase simpler.

These wireless chargers will support your iPhone, Android, Smartwatch, and Wireless earbuds depending on their compatibility.

1. Samsung 15W Wireless fast Charger Stand

wireless charger 15 w for Galaxy Note 20                                                                           

The Samsung 15W wireless charger stand is one of the best wireless chargers which is the newest charging stand which actually delivers up to 15W of output to the new Galaxy S20 phones. The sturdy structure of the stand makes it suitable for a larger sized phone like the Galaxy S10 that need something strong enough to hold up (vertically and horizontally). The best thing is the charger offers 12W output for the galaxy S10 and 10W output for galaxy note.

Most wireless chargers for Galaxy Note 20 have been offering to convert it from standing to flat but this wireless charger has opted for one more static option that stands in an upright position with a built-in cooling fan which makes sure the charging stand doesn’t overheat. That is not it; the LED charge indicator turns on as you place the phone on the pad and lets you know when the charging is finished.

The multi-device support makes it compatible with Qi wireless charging meaning that you can use any device like the Samsung smartwatch or earbuds that carries wireless charging. Lastly, this device comes with a supported 25 watt AC adapter and USB Type C cable. 


  • 15W output to new galaxy note 20 phones
  • Can hold the phone in both portrait and landscape mode
  • LED indicator to show charging conditions
  • Compatible with Qi wireless charging
  • Wall charger, USB C-Type cable, and travel adapter included

What do people say?

This wireless charger for Galaxy Note 20 is probably one of the fast chargers with a classy matte black finish look. The built-in fan cooling system is pretty quiet even after running for a long period of time. So you don’t have to worry about noise disturbing at night. USB C cable works perfectly. however, the length is quite short, about 3’. Note that, you have to put the device well in order to charge. You have to get used to it.


This Samsung 15W wireless charger stand has very good quality and easy to use. Bit expensive but works excellent. Value for money!

2. Samsung Wireless Charger Duo pad

Wireless charger Duo pad

If you are having a Galaxy watch Active or Galaxy buds and a Galaxy Note 20, this wireless charger will do the job perfectly to charge both simultaneously. Talking about the design, this charger is aesthetically pleasing with smooth, matte black and slick, curvy lines. The device offers two charging spots featuring 7.5W “adaptive fast charging” by which you can charge two Qi-compatible smartphones like Galaxy S9, Note 9, and any Qi-enabled devices. Unlike most wireless chargers, this one features a built-in fan and ventilation on the back to keep your devices cool while charging. Even it allows you to charge your smartphone in both portrait and

Unlike most wireless chargers, this one features a built-in fan and ventilation on the back to keep your devices cool while charging. Even it allows you to charge your smartphone in both portrait and landscape mode due to multi-coil technology. The device features an LED indicator that will display your charging conditions whether it’s fully charged or not. Along with the wireless charger, you’ll be getting one fast charging wall charger and USB C cable.


  • Charge two Qi-compatible smartphones or one wireless compatible device and smartphone together.
  • Features multi-coil technology
  • Fast charging wall charger and USB C -type cable included
  • Features 7.5 W adaptive fast charging
  • Can charge Apple iPhone

What do people say?

This wireless charger duo pad is lightweight, easy to use, and easily charges the devices. The pad has a rubberized coating to resist device slippage. The LED light feature works excellent, red light indicates charging, and a green light indicates fully charged so you can instantly tell anywhere from the room whether the device has finished charging. Note that, the charger is specifically made for Samsung smartphones and watches, the LED will not show when the iPhone will fully charge.


This Duo pad charger is well-made, well-designed. Reliable too as it’s made by Samsung. Overall excellent and worth the money.

3. Anker 3-in-1 Powerwave 10 stand

Wireless charger for galaxy note 20                                                                                   

This Anker Powerwave 10 stand is a versatile wireless charging solution that can charge multiple devices simultaneously. Just place it on your table or any surface is going to yield zero problems. The entire body of the device is made up of plastic though it does have a solid build that will charge your galaxy note 20 at 10W.it features two USB Type-A ports at the back of the Powerwave stand that allows you to charge two more Qi-compatible devices at 5W.

This device allows you to place your phone either vertically or horizontally because of the built-in charging coil at the top and bottom. Along with the Powerwave stand, you will be getting a supported 36wat adapter and a 5ft power cable.


  • Charges multiple devices at the same time
  • Charges galaxy note 20 at 10W
  • Features two USB Type-A ports
  • LED indicator for charging conditions
  • Can charge Apple iPhone too at 7.5W
  • Features multi-coil technology
  • Includes 36 wat adapter and long power cable 

What do people say?

This one is the great new charger station for your bedside table with a solid build. But the spot where you place your phone does not have any rubber base to resist slippage properly. There is a large rubber pad at the bottom of the charger though, that prevents the charger itself from slippage. Multi coil technology works excellent which allows you to place your phone in both portrait and landscape mode, whether you watch the video or scroll down messages, you can do that while charging. This wireless charger from Anker doesn’t have vents when the phone gets warm. Nothing too worrying though, but would have helped.


The Anker Powerwave wireless charger is well built, reliable, and as same as what it sounds like.

4. Samsung 10,000 mAh Portable Wireless Charger

Wireless charger for Samsung                                                                             

This Samsung portable wireless battery is a 10,00 mAh power bank that supports 25W fast wired charging that quickly and conveniently charges your smartphone, galaxy buds or watches, and other Qi-compatible devices at the same time. The device works as a power bank with 7.5W wireless charging to help you charge your devices while you are out. You can get a quick boost to your devices simply by placing them on a wireless pad. The 10,000 mAh battery has enough juice to charge Galaxy Note 20 two times over.

The last feature worth mentioning is this wireless battery is Qi-certified offering a maximum output of 25W that allows you to charge a wide range of compatible devices including Samsung S10, Apple iPhone 11, and Google Pixel 4.


  • Qi-certified model, easy to use
  • Can charge three devices simultaneously 
  • Compatible with Samsung galaxy series
  • Features two USB Type C ports for fast charging
  • Features LED battery indicators for charging conditions

What do people say?

The product quality is fabulous though it’s quite expensive. Many people have a problem that it does not deliver at whatever mAh it has. But note that, the power bank can only deliver 65 to 70% of charging. however wireless charging would take at least three hours for a majorly discharged phone. Other than that, the built quality is awesome and premium. Also, the actual color is slightly different but looks good.


The price is a little bit high otherwise good quality and works quite well.

5.Anker 15W Powerwave Pad Alloy

Anker 15W Powerwave wireless charger                                                                                       

Anker is known for its excellent and affordable tech accessories. It has a lot of wireless chargers available but this Anker Powerwave pad alloy is a decent pick if you are on a tight budget. This wireless charger for alaxynote20 ut for the Galaxy Note 20 and can support 11W of efficient charging for the google pixel 4, even though it does not support the fast wireless charging 2.0.The wireless charger made of an aluminum base which helps in great heat dissipation. moreover, the phone place is covered with anti-slip silicone pads which keep your phone or device in place while charging. This Powerwave alloy pad is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices including Apple iPhone 11, Galaxy S10, and air pods. 


  • Comes in a budget
  • Supports 10W output for galaxy note 20
  • Silicon pads to resist the slippage
  • 5ft USB A to C-type cable included

What Do People Say?

This Powerwave alloy pad from Anker is a super-fast charger, reliable, and good design. The best thing is this charger can deliver charging power through 5 mm thick cases. So you don’t need to take your case off while charging. The silicone pad on the top is great for keeping your device in place even while vibrating. Note that the charger does not ship with a wall adapter. You need to purchase it separately.


The product is reliable with excellent working. A quality product is the best value for your money.

Samsung Wireless Charger FAQ:



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