Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Benchmarks : How fast is it with 7nm processor?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Benchmarks : How fast is it with 7nm processor?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Benchmarks 2019: Galaxy Note is back with a hit like it always does, After the release of Oneplus mobile phones in the market, Redmi, and Vivo, competition has risen for Samsung as the people started buying phones at a cheaper rate with the specifications that Samsung provides at a fortune. However, they’re back with their most revenue generated product with the fastest processor in the history of mobile phones. Galaxy Note lineup was primarily started as pen computing phones and tablets all Galaxy Note models ship with a stylus pen and incorporate a pressure-sensitive Wacom digitizer. Businessmen usually use pen computing phones for better and fast work.

Note 10 release date
Samsung Unpacked 2019, Event to happen in New York 4 PM EST

Let’s look at some important keypoints as the Note10 is about to launch on Aug 7 in Unpacked 2019.

Galaxy Note 10 Speed test & Comparison with Apple Devices

As we were expecting a lot of different feature in Samsung Galaxy Note 10, However that doesn’t include new technology such as the chipset, it’s not entirely new. Samsung basically uses the same chipset in the Galaxy flagship so as to reduce the cost and this includes both Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note S10+.

Samsung decided to take it slow this time from 10nm Processor to 7nm processor by choosing to launch the Exynos 9820 with an intermediary 8nm process. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be first to launch the gadget which includes Exynos 9820, a process which is manufactured on Finfet. The update from the Exynos 9820 silicon inside the Note 10 and Note S10+ installed with 8GB RAM is the real deal for people.

Since Apple released iPhone XS and XS Max, Samsung started building a device which would close the gap between Galaxy venture and Apple’s. The Note10 with snapdragon 855 already topped the benchmarks. iPhone XS is manufactured with A12 bionic processor which is almost same as the processor that Samsung released this year Exynos 9820. Check Galaxy Note10 vs iPhone 2019 comparison here

galaxy note 10 2019
Pic Credit: Win Future

Galaxy Note 10 Benchmarks Scores 2019

These days the benchmarks that have been found in GeekBench for Galaxy Note 10 is not up to the mark, As the score GeekBench provides gives a vital structure for the gadget to be sold. GeekBench shows that Galaxy Note 10 device is running on an 8GB RAM which gives us 4495 single and 10,223 multi-core scores, However the base frequency of the universal 9825 is 1.95GHz which is actually lower than what the chip should achieve under such competition. Apple, for example, the A12 processor runs at 2.49GHz which gives them 4789 single and 11,175 multi-core scores on iPhone XS Max.

However, the benchmark data shows 10,223 with Exynos 9. The Galaxy Note10 benchmarks with Snapdragon have climbed to 11367 which is topping the list. We wish to get a better score with Note10 after the official launch on Aug 7.

Galaxy Note 10 Exynos 9825 Benchmarks 2019

Galaxy Note 10 Exynos benchmarks

Galaxy Note 10 Snapdragon 855 Benchmarks 2019

Galaxy Note 10 Snapdragon 855 benchmarks

iPhone XR Max Geekbench Score

iphone XS Max geekbench reports

However this would be very soon to tell that the device is up to the mark, Since Galaxy Note 10 is the masterpiece launched after a very long time which needs a little bit more time, conclusion from today’s score Samsung 7nm processor Exynos 9825 will be a competition with the upcoming Apple A13 processor for the 2019 IPhone’s. However, the main case in the real world will be fought between the chipsets (microarchitectures).

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