Samsung Galaxy Note 11 Specs and Rumours

Samsung Galaxy Note 11 Specs and Rumours

All eyes lay upon the newly launched Galaxy S20 and none seem to be aware of the launch that is to be made by Samsung as its Galaxy Note 11. Its is the most awaited packed event coming in further month. This event might unveil the 2020 theme with the further launches made this year like the Next Note Flagship named as Galaxy Note 20. Rumours say it can be the next big device launch to be expectedly made by the company.With the launch of S20 and its other models, a lot higher expectations are laid upon the tech which comes around with the launch of Note 11 or Note 20.

Galaxy Note 11 is a must to be the wish-listed launch of the year. It might bring along unique features and stylus, which is going to be central to the identity of this phone. An extension with better physical control and improvements is what is expected around.

Leaked news did also give an idea over the better camera, sharper screen and stronger glass back in the user’s hand. For sure this phone is going to bring along the thoughtful ideas and dreams of people together, with the best potential improvements in the same.

Design and Display

Note 11, a complete package of improvements, as per the leaks include spectrometer for analysing objects as it discovers the chemical composition. 

No pin-hole or notch would also be seen and the front-faced camera will be integrated under the full display as per the recent tweets. The same might also be seen in the further releases made by Samsung in 2020. Anyways, the model and innovation of this Korean company might soon bring up to the users the best of the speculated phone than the last year’s release.

Leaks and reports say, minor design tweaks will only form part of Note 11 but the same will be something which will not be seen before with the Galaxy phones. Flat-screen curved on 4 sides covering the device completely, is also expected to be seen. It is called the “3D wraparound display” and will be an amazing set-up for the phone.

The phone might also not have any physical buttons but one will see virtual ones with the options of navigation on the screen’s edges. Screen size can also be seen increased more than the Note 10 with 6.3 inches and Note 10 with 6.8 inches, as because of the thin bezels. The same might not increase the form factor for the phone though.

Further, if we look into details, the phone will come along with a blazing-fast 120Hz refresh rate. This will further enhance the gaming and video experience for its users.

Other specifications

galaxy note 11

Note 11 or Note 20 is said to be the best of what Samsung can offer and the same will run the 2020 hardware. As per the recent news, the device will feature the Qualcomm’s next-gen Snapdragon 865 processor which is built using the 7nm process. Reports say, next-gen of flagship Exynos chips on 3nm process technology is being made by Samsung but it still holds the belief to make the Snapdragon and Exynos provide the similar performance to the device.

With the competitors in line offering same, even Samsung isn’t in a plan to stay behind and 5G connectivity is expected in the newly designed Note 11. The phone will also have 12GB RAM and internal storage of 128GB with options up to 1TB for the internal storage. Ultra-fast UFS 3.0 technology is expected to be used for storage too.

With the Galaxy Note, 11 in the hand Multitasking will become easier. The use of Snapdragon and Exynos chips will help support LPDDR5X RAM.

No audio jack is planned for the newly patented Samsung model and there is no chance for it to come back in the models of 2020. Even the Bixby button isn’t to be expected and with the massive upgrade received in the S Pen stylus last year not much will come with 2020 series of phone. 


Galaxy Note 11 Camera

Camera quality, well the previous releases didn’t seem to give the users much. So, coming across with the new releases, Samsung did have to make up with same just like a 108-megapixel newer version of sensor or something beyond is expected with camera in Note 11. Even the camera software will have to be incredibly updated with same to be well-suited with the new flagship smartphones.

Rumours also say under-display selfie camera, which is being developed can be expected in the Galaxy Note 11. The series camera of same might see major upgrades with big sensors, more pixels and also a great optical zoom option. Apart from same, the all-new announced 48 MP and 64 MP camera sensors can also come along with the Note 11.

Apart from same, the camera of the 2020 Samsung S20 Smartphones is to come with the lens having 5x or 10x optical zoom with some other exciting features like recording 8K videos at 30fps. These shooting will be an ease for the phone’s camera which also bring the facility to switch in between the recordings and allows the users to use multiple cameras with its Director’s view mode.

With the updates and ideas received, seems like the camera is going to carry along a lot for us to see. It will also bring to the users the Night Hyperlapse mode for usage. If we compare it from normal Hyperlapse, well, it will take brighter photos, the best results to be obtained from the same. Single take photo option, Vertical Panorama mode, custom filters, etc. will also be available for the users to enjoy the variants of what Samsung has to offer the 2020 series of Galaxy Note 11.

Best of features with proper authentication and security

Two different methods of authentication for device unlock. Fingerprint authentication while entering the PIN code, well, that seems like to be a perfectly securitized device help but it’s a little tricky and it’s still just a rumour to see it a part of Note 20.

Either way, the fingerprint sensor could also be excluded from the phone to bring in the tech with facial recognition tech for unlocking of the phone. 

Above-mentioned all will be a great choice of updates but still, these are just the rumours and the actual features are still awaited by the fans to hear from the company officially.

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