Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Concepts, Renders & Design

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Concepts, Renders & Design

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Design & Concepts

A company which amazes the world with new ideas and concepts has been quite a wonder for the users with Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. But with the same in the market, not is the time to look forward beyond and await to see the performance of Samsung Galaxy Note 11. It can be a major step and a difference which comes along with display and improvements to the camera and as the rumours spread, it’s no longer when this device will be out there in the market soon.

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Samsung will come up with three models in Galaxy Note 20, we will have Note 20+ and Ultra model along with it.

It is said to be one among best android phones and strong competition to all the other models, in or planning to be out in the market soon. Not all are aware of the launch of Note 20 in the market, as we see their eyes are still laid upon the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S20. So, as we hear about the concepts of Samsung Galaxy Note 20, we can see, it is comprised of phablet models and comes with the best advanced S Pen stylus.


This render is recently got popular after PhoneArena presented it on their leaks. This looks most anticipated concept for Note 20 till now.

samsung galaxy note 20

The model of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is conceptualised with a lot more space for the users to write, draw, create, etc. It is like a fine-tuned versions with 120Hz refresh rate which will provide smooth motion to its users. Further, if we look to the models, well, there is a lot to talk on as the same might be available in 3 models, Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Note 20 Plus and Galaxy Note 20 Plus Ultra. All the 3 models, are featured with Samsung’s Infinity-O display and might even go bigger this time with surpassing 7 inches for the screen.

The phone, Galaxy Note 20 might come up with 6nm chip delivering high power with thin chassis. Not just this, the camera module with being little extra-large (like the ones in S20 series) and the phone will be available with usual ports.

The phone and the design of Galaxy Note 20 are the one difficult to beat by all means. Be it the feature or the design, the phone has been designed with the concept of delivering the best with its support of 5G connectivity for every model.

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So, considering all such improvement around. What we further await to see is, will the DeX mode be improved this time? Will the Note 20 use the best of productivity powerhouse with the smoothness and robustness of the DeX mode.

Well, even the battery life stays in the list of conceptual changes to look forward to. The better the work, the better surfing will be on it with the LTE. Testing along with the competitors and the battery life of other strong competitors of this phone. If the longer-lasting batteries are provided in Note 20. The phone can become ideal for the users and make it the best rival for the competitors at large.

All of the concepts, all of the ideas as regards the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is just a rumour. But still, with the rumours taking place, one can expect to see the best of best with this one.

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