Galaxy Note 20: Samsung Unpacked Aug 2020 | Watch Live Stream Here

Galaxy Note 20: Samsung Unpacked Aug 2020 | Watch Live Stream Here

Watch Galaxy Unpacked 2020 Event here Live

We are soon going to be a part of one of the most amazing and high tech virtual events by Samsung. This is the most recent update and news revolving around the tech market. On August 5, Samsung officially announced that it was hosting the  Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Unpacked 2020 event. The event takes place at 10 pm. That means you can watch the live broadcast in India at 7.30 pm. Samsung will launch several devices in the market, including the Galaxy Note 20 Series, Galaxy Fold 2, and Galaxy Watch 3. 

 How to Watch Samsung Unpacked Aug 2020 Online?

You can watch the event live on our website.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2020 August 5 at 10am ET / 7 a.m. PT. There are a few ways you can tune in, but the easiest way to watch the event is to head to the Samsung website to Livestream it.

Galaxynote2020 runs a live blog for the event, giving you all the important updates as they happen. If you want to tune yourself in and see the live announced Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and other gadgets, you – the event is designed to be viewed online.

Is This An official News?

Well yes, this is absolutely correct news which is claimed by Samsung. Samsung’s next big product launch is going to happen on August 5th, 2020 at 10 AM ET. as because of the COVID-19 pandemic it will be a virtual event. The main product reveal is almost certainly going to be the next phone is Samsung Galaxy Note Series. The whole world is waiting for the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 20. The Galaxy Note 20 will be the new device in the line up of the most powerful flagships available in the market.

When is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Unpacked Event?

August 5th, 2020 is going to a great day for this year. We all are going to be a part of a great event that will take the tech industry to a new level. This event will be organized by Samsung Officially announce its new products in the market which are expected to be the next game-changers.

This event has become the talk of the town because of a reason. This is going to be a virtual event or we can say the biggest virtual event in history. As because of the COVID-19 pandemic this decision has been taken by the company for everyone’s safety. As this is going to be a virtual event, the whole world is going to be a part of this.we all can connect to the live stream, and can join the event.

Samsung confirms it will announce 5 devices at Galaxy Unpacked Event 2020.

samsung galaxy note20 unpacked event live stream.

Yes, we are focusing on each and every statement by Samsung and the result says that this galaxy note20 event is not about a single launch. The Samsung is going to launch the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series and along with that these products are highly expected to get launch in this event:

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 specifications

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 unpacked event 2020

The Note phones by Samsung are Stylus equipped devices and the Stylus also upgrades time to time. Every Time on a new launch, Samsung introduces us with a new Stylus which is more powerful and is capable of doing more brilliant operations than the last one. Everyone is focusing on this big Galaxy note 20 events by Samsung. This year we are expecting to have two new devices in the Galaxy Note series. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series will have two variants. The basic Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Specs will reportedly have a flat 6.42 inches display with a 2345×1084 screen resolution. The Galaxy Note 20 is expected to have a refresh rate between 60Hz to 120 Hz. As it will be the basic variant, it is expected that it will have at least a 90Hz display. Other than this, the RAM is expected to be 8GB with 128GB internal storage or maybe 256GB. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will have a Snapdragon 865 chipset for the international market and Exynos 990 chipset for the local market. 

Talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, it will be the top variant of the Note 20 series. This topnotch variant is expected to be a premium handset with premium features. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will have a 6.87 inches edge curved screen. It will have a screen resolution of 2345×1084. As this is the top variant of the Galaxy Note 20 series, it is highly expected that this flagship will have a 120Hz refresh rate screen.

A few days back it was also rumored that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will have a special feature to switch refresh rate automatically according to usage. It means that the device will automatically switch between 60Hz to 120Hz refresh rate according to the usage of the user. Although it is not claimed yet. Both variants will have the same processors i.e. the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will have a Snapdragon 865 chipset for the international market and Exynos 990 chipset for the local market. The  RAM is expected to be 12Gb or maybe more but 12GB is expected right now. The device will feature an internal storage of 256GB or 512GB. 

Is Samsung Planning To Launch A New Foldable Variant?

samsung galaxy note20 unpacked event live stream.

When it comes to foldable, there is a rumor revolving around the market that we may see the 5G version of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

Samsung’s recent smartphone that folds to become more compact and is a great successor of Galaxy Fold 2 is the Galaxy Z Flip. in short, we can say its a tablet that becomes a smartphone when folded. Not much is known yet about this device but from external sources, there is some leaked information that fills everyone with excitement. Specs of the device have leaked from a number of regulators around the world. It is said that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G will have an all-new processor, the fastener Snapdragon 865plus. 

It is also said that the Galaxy Note 20 series only has two variants for a reason, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G will be the top variant of Galaxy Note 20 series. The premium Galaxy Z Flip is also expected to feature 16Gb RAM and 120Hz refresh rate screen.   

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 3

On this upcoming event on August 5th, Samsung is also expected to launch its upgraded watch series with the all-new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 3.

  • The Galaxy Watch 3 will be available in two different sizes. The smaller version will be 41mm and the larger version will be 45mm. The dial size will be 1.2 inches for smaller and 1.4 inches for the larger version.
  • The 41mm version will have a 424ppi display whereas the 45mm will have a 364ppi display.
  • Both versions will feature 360 pixels resolution.
  • Super AMOLED display is used in both versions.
  • Both versions come with scratch-resistant glass with Gorilla glass protection and an ambient light sensor.

Other than this it is also expected that Samsung may launch the new Galaxy Buds in this upcoming event. Although, there is no claimed news regarding Galaxy buds the product has high expectations. Especially with the noise cancellation feature. The sound quality will be tested after the launch. 

So, this upcoming event is going to be a blast. This event by Samsung is definitely going to upgrade the tech market on the next level and we are waiting for the same. These were a few products that are expected to be launched. Let’s wait for the event and see what Samsung got.

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