Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Features (Leaks & Rumours)

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Features (Leaks & Rumours)

Just a couple of weeks back, during the beginning of 2021, we have seen Samsung unveiling its Samsung Galaxy S21 series. Now, the fans are eagerly waiting for the Galaxy Note 21 flagship. Earlier, it was reported that Samsung would discontinue the Note series this year. But some leaks suggest that it is not really happening.

So the question is, what are some of the groundbreaking features we are going to see in the upcoming Galaxy Note 21? Maybe, we will see faster charging, camera improvements, 120Hz displays?

Well, we can only make predictions as of now. But, here are the features worth waiting for upcoming Galaxy Note 21:

galaxy note 21 features
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5 features worth waiting in Galaxy Note 21
(Leaks & Rumours)

1. All New S Pen

S Pen is definitely one of the least talked about features on a Samsung Phone. A majority of us don’t even have any new expectations from the S Pen. Instead, we are more interested in the upcoming device.

But if you look at previous developments of the S pen, Samsung has been adding newer features with every generation.

Galaxy note 21 features

As a result, there are quite a lot of rumors that we are going to see a major upgrade in the S Pen with Note 21.

The rumors suggest that S Pen will be used as a remote control for taking pictures. Also, it can be used for navigating and controlling the phone via air gestures. Plus, it will have all the basic features like writing, drawing, touch to navigate.

2. Under-display camera

According to some reports, it has been suggested that the upcoming Galaxy Note 21 might feature an under-display camera.

Samsung Display with KIPO has filed a new trademark application that shows UPC as the subject. The application number is 4020210009679 for further research.

in display camera in Note 21

However, over here, UPC stands for Under Panel Camera, and it was showcased by Samsung in a video. The leaks suggest that the upcoming Note 21 might have a 93% screen-to-body ratio and may come with an OLED display.

Furthermore, the trademark application also links to different codes that point to multiple devices like LCD, LED, OLED displays, computer, and smartphone displays.

Hence, there is a high chance that Samsung might introduce an under-display camera with the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra.

3. 120Hz Display:

If we get to see a 120Hz Display on all the Galaxy Note 21 models, then there would be nothing to get surprised about.

Galaxy Note 21 display

Samsung already introduced a 120Hz display with the Samsung S20 ultra. But yes, it is only limited to one device only. However, this might not happen with the Note 21 series.

According to leaks, the Note 21 series will have a 120hz refresh rate along with the support of HDR10+. However, as of now, there are no leaks on the sizes.

4. Faster charging:

Some rumors also suggest that the Note 21 series will have faster charging. As of now, both the Galaxy Note 20 and the Note 20 Ultra have 25W fast charging. This is definitely one of the best fast charging capabilities available out there.

But if you compare it with other smartphones like the OnePlus 8T, which comes with a 65W charging capacity. The 25W fast charging definitely feels low.

Although, Samsung has introduced 45W charging with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. So it is expected that Samsung will at least move to a 45W charger if not more.

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5. Better battery life

Lastly, we can expect to see a better battery life in the upcoming Galaxy Note 21. As we all know that, one of the major drawbacks of the Note 20 ultra is the remarkable battery life. Also, as the phone is pretty big, hence it easily runs out of battery life and fails to sustain the whole day.

However, the rumors suggest that we might get to see a better battery life in the upcoming Note 21 series.

Closing Words:

As of now, there is not too much information about when Samsung Galaxy Note 21 will be available. But we do know that the phone is not getting launched in 2021. As per Samsung’s past history of launching a flagship, it should be out in the market somewhere around August 2021. Till then, we only need to believe in the rumors before the final device appears on the surface.

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