Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Release Date, Specs, Price & Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Release Date, Specs, Price & Features

At the beginning of 2021, we have seen the release of the Galaxy S21 series, and now a majority of us are looking for the Galaxy Note 21 series.

Although, there have been rumors that Samsung might delay its release date to early 2022. As Samsung has already launched the Galaxy S20 flagship with support of S-pen. Launching two flagships with S-Pen will overburden the company. That’s the prime reason, we may see some delay in the Note21 launch.

However, there are also rumors that a budget version of Note 20, the Galaxy Note 21 FE, is in the pipeline, and it will come with the Samsung stylus. Samsung might launch in Q3, 2021.

However, as far as the Note 21 is considered, there are quite a lot of rumors going out there. One of the major rumors that we have come across is the upcoming phone might come with an under-display camera. Along with that, we might also witness a quad rear camera setup on the Note 21 Ultra and may pack a Snapdragon 888 chipset under its hood.

Latest Galaxy Note 21 leaks (March Updates)

  •  The Samsung Galaxy Note 21 could be delayed until next year, as stated by the Samsung mobile head Koh Dong-jin. This is due to the global chip shortage, and it’s not really clear whether it will be possible for Samsung to release the phone this year.
  • The Note 21 Ultra and the whole Note 21 lineup could come with an ISOCELL 2.0 camera sensor. This will provide a huge boost to the phone’s photography capabilities.

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Galaxy Note 21 Display

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Release Date

Last year, the Note 21 was released in August 2020. But we might see a delay in Galaxy Note 21 launch. However, Samsung might release its Note 21 FE early this year, which will be a budget phablet.

But also, we need to consider the fact that there is a global chip shortage. Hence, this could play a major role in delaying the launch of Galaxy Note 21.

According to Samsung mobile chief Koh Dong-jin, the phone might get detailed by 2022. But yes, so bar there has not been any concrete confirmation. So we will only need to wait for the company to make any announcements.

Galaxy Note 21 Price

As of now, the Note 20 is priced at $999 or £849 for the base variant. On the other hand, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s basic cost is $1,299 or £1,179.

So if I have to make a guess for how much the Note 21 ultra or other variants would actually cost, these prices would give me a basic idea.

However, it is not the best approach if you look at the recent efforts of Samsung with the Galaxy S21. As Samsung cut the price of the S21 range by $200 across the board.

Country Galaxy Note 21 Price
Note 21 Price in USA 999 USD
Note 21 Price in UK 725 Pound
Note 21 Price in India 73000 INR
Note 21 Price in Europe 850 Euro
Note 21 Price in Canada 1256 CAD
Note 21 Price in Australia 1320 AUD
Note 21 Price in UAE (Dubai) 3669 Dirhams
Note 21 Price in China 6556 Yuan

So we can make a speculate that the Samsung Note 21 will be priced around the $1000 USD mark. But there is a possible chance that it will cost a little less.

galaxy note 21 display

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Display

One of the biggest things that we might see in the Galaxy Note 21 is the under-display camera. The leaks come after the Samsung CES presentation on Galaxy upcycling that showed a phone similar to the Note 20. But without the usual camera punch-hole.

Even there have been many reports that Samsung is working on an under-display camera. So we are hoping that we might get to see an under-display camera in the Note 21.

Also, if there is no under-display camera on the Note 21, then it is more likely to have the same central punch hole for the front camera. And Samsung has been using this design for the last few years.

Moreover, the two current Galaxy Note 20 models come in different size options. On one side, the Note 20 is measured 6.7 inches. On the other side, the Note 20 ultra is measured 6.9 inches.

So we might get to see the same size option for the Note 21 Ultra and other models. But there is a chance of the Ultra model shrinking to 6.8 inches.

Also, Samsung will be sticking to the 120Hz maximum display rate for its flagships. So we can see the same on Note 21 series.

Lastly, it comes down to the resolution. The Note 20 ultra is using a QHD panel, while the basic Note 20 uses a less detailed FHD panel. So we can expect a similar to happen with the S21 models.

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Cameras

Galaxy Note 21 camera features

According to the rumors, it is said that we might get to see a difference in camera setups. However, the basic model will have the same or identical triple camera setup to the Galaxy S21 and S21.

The camera setup is said to have a 12MP main camera along with 12MP ultrawide and 64MP telephoto sensors. Also, there will be a 10MP selfie camera on the front.

Talking about the ultra variant, well, it is said to have a bit more in terms of cameras. On the S20 Ultra and Note 20 Ultra, the company has used the 108MP main sensor.

Also, the S21 Ultra has a dual telephone camera with the capability of 2x optical zoom. And the other 10x optical zoom. So we can believe that we could see the same on Note 21 ultra too.

But last year, in the Note 20 Ultra, Samsung didn’t use the 48mp 4x optical zoom cell phone camera from the S20 Ultra. But it had its own 12MP 5x optical zoom camera.

Also, on the front side, Samsung is more likely to use one or two cameras. This camera might feature a 10MP sensor it adds to most of its flagship phones or the 40MP model it’s used on the S20 Ultra, S21 Ultra, and Note 20 Ultra before.

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Design

There is a rumor that the Samsung Note 21 will come with a “Contour Cut” overflowing camera bump design. The renders from LetsGoDigital and Giuseppe “Snoreyn” Spinelli have given us a look at how the next-generation Samsung Note will look like.

For materials, the standard note 20 is using a plastic back. But the Note 20 Ultra has a glass back. So we might get to see the same in Samsung Galaxy Note 21 series.

Also, rumors have been suggesting that Samsung is working on an under-display front camera for its phones. Along with that, it is also said that the Note 21 might have a completely notch-less display.

Plus, the past Galaxy models had curved displays. So we can pretty much say that the upcoming note series will have the same.

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 S-Pen

samsung galaxy note 21 pen

It’s true that there are too many things to change about a stylus. But if you look at Samsung, they have been introducing extra features to the Note series S pen over the last few years.

For example, the Note 20’s stylus can be used as a remote control for taking pictures or presenting slideshows. Also, it can be waved around to navigate and control the phone via Air Gestures.

So in the Note 21 series, the same features will exist. But along with that, we can expect one or two new abilities while still keeping the basic shape and controls, as well as its responsive writing ability.

Final Verdict:

So that’s all the information I have as of now for the Samsung Galaxy Note 21. However, as the weeks pass, we will encounter newer updates about the upcoming Note Series. Also, till Samsung makes any official announcements, we have to wait and trust all the rumors and leaks that come on our way.

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