Galaxy Note 10 to have New SPen Features, 5G, 45W Charging

Galaxy Note 10 to have New SPen Features, 5G, 45W Charging

The official announcement of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is on Aug 7, which is just a couple of days ahead from now. Galaxy Note 10 is one of the true flagships of Samsung and we all expect it to give a tough competition to any handset that is available in the market. Expectations from Note 10 are on its peak as the Galaxy Note 9 was one of best android devices we have ever had. Here, We are going to talk over Galaxy Note 10 S-Pen features. The Note10 is going to have new S-Pen 2019 with much-improved features.

– 5G Variant and Great Specs

We all expect the Note 10 to launch with a box full of specs and features. Which includes Samsung’s latest Exynos 98205 and Snapdragon 855 (US variant), minimum 128 GB of storage with 8GB RAM, and battery must be of 4,000 mAh. We expect the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to be among the strongest competitor in the ground of battery, specs, camera, and display resolution.

There is even a rumor that 3 Note devices will be launching this year. The GalaxyNote10 and Note10+ will have 5G, however, Note10 lite will launch with 4G connectivity for an affordable price. Samsung should take some lessons the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in most of the respects.

In Galaxy S10, Samsung has launched a 5G variant and we expect at least something similar from Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Verizon has confirmed that we are getting a 5G variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

galaxy note 10 camera

– Let’s Talk about the Cameras

The Galaxy S10 5G has 4 cameras and that is a long departure from the setup of two cameras from the previous year’s devices of Samsung. We even expect that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will match that camera totally. There is a rumor we all have heard, that the Note 10 might get a quad rear-camera setup. That falls within the expectations offered by S10 5G’s quad camera setup.

Samsung recently uncovered a 64MP camera sensor. We actually don’t believe that it will make its way into the further note, but yes, we are hoping for the best. These high-resolution super cameras use a trick to take clear pictures where the lights are very dim. Samsung is even toying with a 5x optical zoom camera with a popup one accordingly. Both the features would look best on Note 10. There is even a rumor that the Note 10 camera may have an improvement from the dual aperture from their current flagship models ad can have a triple aperture.

In the field of computational photography, we want to see something bigger from Samsung. The Night Sight of Google is giving a tough fight in low-light photography now and ample competitors are filling the gap as soon as possible. Since the launch of S10 Plus, Samsung is improving on low light performance, but we want to see more improvement.

Note 10 size
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– Hoping for the Better Display

We expect Samsung to use the screen design and the technology on Galaxy Note 10, which they have used in Galaxy S10. However, there is hope for some big changes. We previously talked about the Samsung dabbling and popup cameras, which is no-bezel display along with being seamless.

Thus, there are chances that the Note 10 will launch a screen which is similar to the OnePlus 7 Pro. And Samsung has enough technology to make it happen also. However, we expect the Note 10 front design and display to the exact copy of the S10 Plus, with the Samsung’s excellent QHD AMOLED screen.

Note 10 S Pen Features

– Galaxy Note10 S Pen 2019, Charging and Extras Galore

Samsung had launched a 25W charging solution in Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and we hope that Galaxy Note 10 will have 45W charging capability. Note 10 should use the Quick Wireless Charge 2.0 of Samsung at least. And with the large battery of the phone, it must be enough to keep the phone alive all day long.

Apart from all these things, the Note 10 must come with in-display fingerprint reader, IP68 rating, Wireless Power Share, Fast wireless charging, a headphone jack, stereo speakers and how can we forget, the S Pen.

However, we might not get every single thing what we expect. There is actually a rumor that one or more Note 10 variants might get launched without a headphone jack. Renders showed a Note 10 Pro variant without a headphone jack even. Thus the future of the headphone jack in the phones of Samsung is a little up in the air right now.

For this S Pen, it would be extremely excessive to ask Samsung for an overhaul of the S Pen. It received such an overhaul previous year. The capability to get a half-an-hour charge in just 40 seconds is quite impressive and its 4,096 level pressure sensitivity is right up there with the leaders of the industry. Also this time, Samsung S Pen can have inbuilt camera setup. We would even like to see some of the latest and the best features for the remote capabilities on the software side, but we actually don’t expect any leaps in hardware this year of 2019.

Quick Updates and a Decent Price

We entirely expect the Galaxy Note 10 to launch at $999. In fact, it damn well best be, because any more pricey and it is up in the territory of iPhone. Of course, we would love to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 go for a less amount, but it is most likely will not.

In terms of updates, Samsung has improved its quality with every passing year. The Galaxy Note 9 and S10 range should help hasten updates to fresh new versions of Android. We expect the Galaxy Note 10 to have it as well. Apart from all these things, Samsung has been far better about frequent security updates for its devices. That should translate to Galaxy Note 10 as well.

Finally, give us some thoughts about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10. If there is something which you want to see in Samsung Galaxy Note 10, let us know in the comment section below.

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