Samsung Galaxy Note10 Vs. Google Pixel 3 – Comparison

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Vs. Google Pixel 3 – Comparison

When it comes to who has more experience in terms of smartphone releases, Samsung might win the question as Samsung has been launching devices for ages now but Google has an experience of only about 8 years since it released the first Google Nexus Model in the year 2010. But in spite of being a new runner in the race of smartphones, Google has managed to create a big reputation of its own in the smartphone industry.

Google might have less experience when it comes to smartphones but it does have an immense market experience and understands it quite well and because of the same reason it has created gadgets keeping the needs of the users in mind making Google smartphones thrive in the industry.

Galaxy Note10 Concepts

On the other hand, Samsung has become a strong old company having an experience of at least a decade who still brings out the best every year and wins the audience. It has multiple series which further have more models still running strong. Samsung is at its top game for years now and so has a reputation of being at the top and is now known as one of the best-selling smartphone brands in the whole world.

When two of the most known brands compete, they bring out the best which leads the customer in a confusion of which device to buy? Which smartphone would satisfy all their requirements ??

Google Pixel 3

Google launched Google Pixel 3 about 4 to 5 months back in 2018 and received a great response from the audience but Samsung is all set for its brand new Galaxy Note 10 in August that will surely become the heartthrob of 2019 because of the excellent changes the company is offering this time.

So now the same question comes up, which one of the two smartphones is better? One which already had a great impact or the one which is about to create a great impact? We are providing you a side by side comparison taking different features into consideration of both the mobile phones to help you decide the best option for you from the two.

Comparison between Galaxy Note 10 Vs. Google Pixel 3


Google fixed the problem of boring looks of Google Pixel phones with Google Pixel 3 in 2018 by giving it a cool sleek look. It uses a glass back that supports wireless charging and also uses matte and gloss surfaces but the design does hold the device from being claimed as an “expensive” smartphone.

Apart from these, Google Pixel is truly considered handy because of its small size.  The Pixel 3 has a display of size 5.5 inches which is satisfactory enough for the use by one hand. The device holds a fingerprint sensor at the back which also when swiped up or down, pushes and pulls the notification bar from the top along with the regular authentication to unlock the device.

On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has a humongous display of size 6.66 inches which is far big in size in comparison to Pixel 3. This could be a downside for some customers but when it comes to design, Samsung might leave Pixel behind because of the amazing classy look which is rumored to be button-less.

The huge infinity display is a 6.66 inches sized AMOLED screen which does not only have an eye comfort feature that reduces the blue light without changing the screen color, protecting the user’s eyes at night but also has an on-screen ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

DISPLAY 5.5 inches 6.66 inches
S PEN Not available Available

Another feature where the Galaxy Note 10 might take a step ahead is the availability of a Stylus Pen. The S pen in Note 10 is not a regular one but an upgraded one with an optical zoom lens squeezed into it whereas Pixel 3 does not have such external equipment. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 might take the trophy here.


Google did not ‘really’ upgrade the Pixel 3 as usual with the design but when it comes to the chipset it does have taken a step forward by changing the processor to Snapdragon 835 chipset. Though Google had fast working devices it still is lagging behind by using 4 GB RAM and also the maximum Storage capacity is up to 128 GB only.

CHIPSET Snapdragon 835 Snapdragon/ Exynos 9 Octa 8895
BATTERY CAPACITY 128 GB max 512 GB – 1.5 TB max

Since Galaxy Note 10 is thriving with the changes and upgradations, Samsung has provided multiple options by using both, Snapdragon and Exynos 9 Octa 8895, chipset depending upon the territory the device is in.

Besides these, Note 10 would be faster as it is going to have a  minimum of 6 GB RAM. The maximum battery capacity including the expandable would be ranging from 512 GB to 1.5 TB. That is pretty cool to be true.


Google uses a Pixel Visual Core Chip that offers you with a sharper and clear picture that uses AI and Machine Learning software which the device has a hold of. The device has an aperture of f1.8 yet delivers great portrait shots. Google does not have the best upgrades yet but it still manages to deliver amazing picture quality. In fact, the camera quality of Pixel 3 is the most talked about and most appreciated feature of the device.

google pixel 3 vs galaxy note 10
In spite of abstained from the telephoto camera lens, Pixel 3 provides you with the best quality pictures as it uses a Super Res Zoom feature. There is also a top shot feature which chooses the best shot from the burst on its own and shows you.

RESOLUTION 8 MP + 8 MP Dual Front Cameras, 12.2 MP rear 12 + 16 + 12 MP  TRIPLE (Rear) + 8 MP (Front) + 3D lens

Google might be have been among the best top brands when it comes to the Camera and its picture quality but with the number of changes that are rumoring around about Galaxy Note 10 about the camera, there might be a head-on game in this area as both the devices deliver the best quality pictures in every situation.

Galaxy Note 10 is rumored to be using a quad camera set up along with an optical zoom feature in the S Pen. The four cameras include a 16 MP ultra-wide lens, a 12 MP Telephoto lens and a 3D hQVGA depth-sensing camera.  All these four cameras add their features to help you get the best picture of yours. Optical zoom appends more to the pictures by providing a better closer view of the subject before clicking the picture.

We cannot tell which will raise the winners to flag here as both the companies are providing the best in this area until Galaxy Note 10 is released but we can be sure that both are better than many brands out there. So you can take a leap of faith while voting for them.


Note 10 again takes the word with the battery as it provides you with the battery capacity of 4100 mAh whereas Pixel 3 is stuck behind at 2700 mAh which is quite low when there is huge battery capacity being provided by other known names.

Google Pixel 3 Battery life



Samsung is creating history by launching the first ever 5G smartphones this year but Google Pixel 3 does not stay much behind as it supports 4G, 3G, and 2G connectivity.

After the release of Galaxy S10, it is more of a confirmation that Samsung is releasing Note 10 with 5G network connectivity. But we are pretty sure, 4G connectivity of Pixel 3 will not let any user hold back from buying it because of its other amazing features.


This is the region where Google pixel 3 moves way ahead of the Galaxy Note 10. Google pixel 3 is a lot cheaper than Note 10 with the price of $799 for 64 GB variant and $899 for $128 GB variant. On the other hand, making an estimate about the pricing of Galaxy Note 10, we believe it would cost you a more than $1000 dollar bill. But regardless, it is to be noted that both the devices are priced according to what they have to offer. So choose wisely.

PRICE $799-$899 $1000-$1140

FINAL VERDICT- Which one you should go for?

Looking at the features, Samsung does leave behind Google Pixel but Pixel 3 has some features which cannot be totally outthrown at once. If you are looking for something at not a skyrocketing price, you must definitely go for Google Pixel 3. But if you want all the latest features and upgrades, wait for some time and get yourself a Galaxy Note 10. You will not be disappointed.

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