Samsung Galaxy S11 concepts, Images, Design

Samsung Galaxy S11 concepts, Images, Design

Samsung Galaxy S11 concepts: Samsung Galaxy S10 and its other variants launched in March, Galaxy Note 10 is about to be launched. These two have just taken a step in the market that the rumors about the successor S11 have started to roam around. It is suggested that Samsung is going to add all the features it withheld from the recent launches. Since the rumors have just started to begin, there have not been much said by the company about the same but we know for sure that the focus next year is going to be a lot on the design and camera of the smartphone.

Concept & Images Of Galaxy S11

There also have been some speculations about how the Galaxy S11 would look like and what all it could have. The company is following a concept which involves a bezel-less and borderless smartphone for Galaxy S11 the following year. We are providing you an insight into how the device might look.

Yes! The company is going all in by taking all out. The bezels left and you may see the metal framing dropped off from the device.  Galaxy S11 is more of a glass durable alluring gadget than those aged and boring looking gadgets. The absence of the metal frame and borders might get mistaken for the old concepts of devices which included see-through transparent bodies that were released in previous years. It is to be noted that the device might just be abstaining from a metal frame and would be a complete borderless glassed device with all the components attached inside along with curved edges form all the four sides.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Images

Not only are the bezels leaving but also the buttons might. You heard it right. Samsung is trying to have an absolutely button free smartphone for 2020 and an additional screen on the edges which might be a matter of trouble for the users of unnecessarily touching the side screens.

The dropping off game from the design is not yet over. Galaxy S11 might be abandoning the 3.5 mm audio jack to use the Samsung Galaxy Buds that were released in the month of March this year. There are also chances that you see a type C USB than the regular mini 2.0 USB in the awaited smartphone of 2020.

Samsung Galaxy S11

Talking about the camera we are not sure if the company is going to keep the punch hole camera or not because of the issues it faced this year but we still would be bending towards the idea that it would be having a punch hole camera because of the bezel-less concept. We do not see any other way to get a front camera unless the rumors about the use of Galaxy A8’s rear to the front flip camera making a comeback in Samsung S11 are true. It would be interesting to know more about the camera of the same but we will have to wait for more news in the coming months.

We are glad to inform that at least fingerprint sensor is staying but making a shift to the front of the device. Yes! Galaxy S11 would be having an ultrasonic on-screen fingerprint sensor, better than ever before.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 is going to be launched in February end or at the beginning of March next year with a possibility of having a different name. Now that you have seen the pictures above and read about the device, we know that you would be drooling by now over the best and the cleanest design Samsung is about to come up with. Not only the looks of the smartphone are to die for but also the features it has to offer.

So wait till next year to get hold of the newly awaited Samsung Galaxy S11.

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