Samsung Galaxy S11 Release Date And All the Rumors We should Know!!

Samsung Galaxy S11 Release Date And All the Rumors We should Know!!

Samsung Galaxy S11 Release Date: Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+ can be found in stores thriving and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is on its way for the same. No doubt Samsung has created the most buzz in 2019 than any other company and has already ruled the year by just the launch of Galaxy S10 flagships as they are doing amazing in the market and also Galaxy Note 10 is all set to add on the big success of the Korean company. Samsung is going to launch Note10 in Unpacked 2019 event (August 7) in New York. Now it is time for the gadget freaks like us to think about the next sensation by Samsung “GALAXY S11“.

The Galaxy S11 announcement is expected with Unpacked 2020 Event. With this Samsung will give full 12 month time for its S10 flagships. Currently S10e, S10, and S10 Plus are the best high-end phablets from Samsung available in the market.

rumors about pricing of S11

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Though Samsung is almost quite done with this year’s designing and releases, it has started to think about what is next to come. The rumors about the release of Samsung Galaxy S11 have started to heat up as soon as Galaxy S10 got launched. Though there have not been any official statements about the same we are making some calculated guesses looking at the prior statements and activities of the company.

If you are not wanting to change your smartphone anytime soon you can wait for Galaxy S11 which is going to be launched next year as Note10 is missing an important camera update. You can check complete Note10 Specs here.  The new device to be launched has forced the company to think about a certain matter which would again cause a lot of whirs around among the peers. Continue reading to know more about the same and rumors the unreleased future heartthrob getting launched next year is surrounding around itself. Here we go!

What buzz the 2020’s ‘to be’ darling has started creating? All the Rumors

Based on the calculations and guesses, there have been talks about the upcoming S series model in the industry. From the basic changes to the big decision like changing the name of the series, everything is being discussed.

Samsung Galaxy S11 as a 5G enabled device

Samsung Galaxy S11 Coming With 5G Technology

Yeah! We know that we already have 5G enabled S10 variant but it has not yet released in every part of the world and would not be and also it has an increased. The company will not be taking a reverse gear with 4G connectivity.

Not only that, Samsung is reported to have a tie-up with Qualcomm to use its Qualcomm 5G chips in its flagships. The Qualcomm 5G chips are the chips which have an integrated 5G modem with the processor of the device. So the Galaxy S11 would be having 5G network connectivity in all of its variants without any extra charges. Sounds satisfying to us.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Rumours:  No headphone jack and changed USB type

Galaxy S11 coming without Jack

Samsung released its new Galaxy buds in March but the company has not yet removed the 3.5 mm audio jack like Apple and One Plus. There are high chances that Samsung will go along with the same idea and remove the audio jack from Galaxy S11 releasing next year.

Not only would the company by removing the 3.5 mm audio jack but also there are speculations by the ET-news that the company is thinking to change the USB type form Micro USB2.0 to type C.

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The Name Change: S11, S11 Pro, S11+, S11 Lite?

With the increased number of models, the company is standing at a crossroad about something which might be an issue in the long term. A report from the Korean media states that the company is deliberating over the name of the new device. Samsung believes that the customers will not like long names as Galaxy S11, Twelve, Thirteen and so on.  So changing the name would be a good idea for the company as Apple did the same with its iPhone X. Samsung had in mind to change the name of S10 itself but decided to hold on to the name for a little longer.

The decision of changing the name is not yet confirmed but we know for sure that the company is looking for some appealing names to continue the Galaxy S series Reign. If Samsung does change the name of the series or of the new upcoming models, it will surely create help the new model gain a lot of attention from the customers.

The same problem would arise for Note series as Galaxy NOTE 10 is soon to be released, the name issue would be same for Note 11. But as the sources say, the company is only thinking about s series for the name change right now.

How much the Samsung Galaxy S11 will cost:

Samsung Galaxy S10 had different models with different prices ranging from $749 for Galaxy S10e to $999 for Galaxy S10 plus (base model). Similarly,  Samsung might feature Galaxy S11 in three variants next year, there would be a range of price that we assume to be a bit higher than what S10 had. Therefore, Galaxy S11 would be ranging from somewhere $950+ to $1900. It is quite high for a smartphone but with that many features, it is all worth the price.

check Samsung Galaxy S11 rumored price

The big question: When is the big reveal?

So how long do you have to wait till the next game-changer arrives?? It is quite a step ahead to think about the release date of Samsung Galaxy S11 when Galaxy S10 has just got released and Galaxy Note 10 is yet to be released. Keeping all that aside, going around with the previous releases of S series it is possible to have an idea about the big release.

We have two ways to collect the pattern which the company follows that leads us to the same time period of the release date of the latest S devices. Samsung has a pattern of releasing its S series around the Mobile World Congress Trade as deciphered by the previous launches and this year’s Mobile World Congress Trade is going to be held in the February end.

Galaxy S11 Release date

Samsung Galaxy S11 Release Date

Also, SAMSUNG goes around releasing its models in a two months frame, the S10 series in the month of March followed by S10 5G in June and the Note 10 series in the month of August. So following the same clock and taking the Mobile World Congress Trade-in consideration we are assuming that the Samsung Galaxy S11 (or whatever the new name would be) would be released early in the month of March or late February in the year 2020. The exact date of the release can obviously be not known until it releases.

Smartphone Release date
Galaxy S10, S10e, S10+March 2019
Galaxy S10 5GJune 2019
Note 10 Release dateAugust 2019
Galaxy S11 Release dateMarch 2020

So now the waiting game begins!

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  1. if as stated galaxy s models released 2 month frame, why march then august, that’s 5 months?????????????

    1. oops, Yes it is pretty much 2-month time frame. Samsung has launched S10 along with s10e and S10+ in March 2019. And now we have S10 5G model as well followed by upcoming Note 10 in August. So, it sounds the same.

  2. also there are speculations by the ET-news that the company is thinking to change the USB type form Micro USB2.0 to type C.

    Ummmmm They have been USB-C since S8. So there is nothing to change for that.

    1. Yes, Samsung is already using Type C in Galaxy S10, Note9 and will have the same. As per current reports, we might have 45W charging capability with upcoming Note 10 flagship.

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