Download Hole Punch Wallpapers for Galaxy Note 10 & Note10+

Download Hole Punch Wallpapers for Galaxy Note 10 & Note10+

Hole Punch Wallpapers for Galaxy Note 10 & Note10+: Samsung has launched Galaxy Note 10 & 10+ smartphone this year. Both flagship phones are now available in the market with price starting from 949$ and 1099$ onwards. The Note10 flagship comes up with really thin bezels making it most screen to body ratio with 400 ppi and 1080 X 2280 pixels of resolution. Although having the best possible display with Super AMOLED, it doesn’t have 90Hz refreshing rate. Many of OnePlus 7 pro users have also reported “Ghost touch” issue with that kind of super-sensitive displays. Meanwhile, Note 10 flagship display has 60 Hz refreshing rate, it also has a hole-punch camera setup at the top.

Here we come up with Galaxy Note 10 Hole Puch wallpapers 2019. We have huge collection of Note 10 & Note 10 plus wallpapers that will cover hole punch camera on your smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 +

Galaxy Note 10 Hole Hiding Wallpapers 2019

Unline OnePlus 7 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 haves camera on the top which might be annoying for some users as the display is so sharp and crisp with almost no bezels. But don’t worry we have absolutely stunning wallpapers that will hide camera whole on your Galaxy Note 10 and give it a cool look.

Note 10 hole punch wallpaper

Download Samsung Galaxy Camera Hide HD Wallpapers 2019

1. Incredibles Hero Note 10 Wallpaper – Download here

incredibles Hero Note 10 wallpaper

2. Big Hero 6 Wallpaper for Note10 & Note10+ : Download Here

Big Hero 6 wallpaper

3. Eclipse for Galaxy Note 10 Punch Hole camera – Download here

eclipse wallpaper for note 10

4. Note 10 Infinity-O Camera Cut wallpaper – Download here

Note 10 infinity O Wallpaper

5. Space Child Camera Cut Wallpaper – Download here

space child galaxy note 10 wallpaper

6. Spider-Man Camera Hide Wallpaper for Note 10 – Download Here

Spider Man hole punch camera wallpaper

7. Space Child Camera cover wallpaper for Galaxy Note10 – Download here

Space boy camera cut wallpaper

8. Galaxy Note 10 Camera Hide Wallpaper – Download Here

Note 10 camera hiding images

9. Galaxy Note10 Mario Wallpaper hidden Camera – Download Here

Note 10 Mario Wallpaper

10. Galaxy Note10 MoonCacke Wallpaper – Download Here

Mooncacke Note 10 camera cover wallpaper

11. Arabic Design Wallpaper for Galaxy Note10 – Download here

arabic Note 10 wallpaper

12. Harry Porter Note 10 Camera Hide Wallpaper – Download here

Harry Porter Camera Hide wallpaper

13. Stay Fit Wallpaper for Note 10 – Download here

stay fit camera hide wallpaper

So, these are 13 most popular Note 10 wallpapers that people use to hide their front camera and make it look cooler. You can download more from below files.

  • All Galaxy Note 10 & Note10+ Wallpapers Pack of 51 – Download here

If you liked our Note 10 wallpapers for covering hole-punch camera, do like and share us with your friends having Note10 smartphone and if you want to share your favorite feel free to share them with us by commenting below.

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