RUMOR ALERT! Samsung may have Galaxy Note 10e and Note 10+ flagships similar to Galaxy S10 series.

RUMOR ALERT! Samsung may have Galaxy Note 10e and Note 10+ flagships similar to Galaxy S10 series.

Till now, Samsung’s only S series was known for having smaller and larger flagships like Galaxy S10e and S10+ but for 2019, Samsung is kicking hard with Galaxy Note 10. There is no doubt according to the rumors and announcements by the company that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is about to be rated at the top among all the other newbies which are already launched or are about to be launched. The amount of changes Samsung is bringing to Galaxy Note 10 pretty much explains the unexpected early release of the S series as the company wanted to swoop the whole industry with one device, Galaxy Note 10.

Galaxy Note10 5G Network

Samsung only has one series equipped with Stylus Pen, the Note series. Another known fact is that Note series is known for its gigantic sized devices which can be a turn off for a reasonable number of users demanding Stylus Pen as well as smaller sized mobile phones. Also, Galaxy Note 10 is rumored to have a huge display of 6.66 inches which could create the problem in sales for the company.

To meet the customer requirements and to not let the new phone sink in the market due to its huge size, Samsung might have just shaken the world and created Samsung history by making a clever move by combining the two customer needs. According to the newest rumors, the Korean company is releasing two flagships as the S10e and S10+ flagships, Note 10e and a regular version. Pretty smart!

The Note 10e flagship would be the smaller device whose display size cannot be estimated yet but what the other flagship would be called? It is yet to be known, it could either be just called Note 10 or Note 10+. But we know for sure that the size of this “unnamed ” device is 6.66 inches. Both the devices would surely be having the Stylus Pen else it would just be another S10 mobile phone.

If the rumor about the launch of a smaller version is true, it would be released in only some parts of the world.

Galaxy Note10 Concepts

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What is the company’s statement on launching two sized flagships?

The company is opting for the silent treatment and has decided not to comment on anything to the same rumor. So we cannot be sure regarding the same. But the idea of launching a smaller version seems sensible enough and a good move for the company to have as a backup plan if in case the size of the original device becomes a downfall.

The rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 are just flooding in one after another and another rumor which is new and in the air is the buttonless design of Note 10. The company is wanting to remove all the buttons on the device and use an alternative for the same. This is a pretty risky move especially when it comes to the removal of the power button.

Till the release, let us wait and see how the Galaxy Note 10 turns out and hope for the best for the company.

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