Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Will the hype cope up with the expectations?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Will the hype cope up with the expectations?

We’re just a couple of days away from Samsung’s big Galaxy Note 10 event, and rumours and leaks are all over the market. Everybody has their own teasing when it comes to this mega launch, the Galaxy Note 10.

Nightmares from the Past: Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Whether it’s Samsung or Apple, we have seen both the tech giants create a huge buzz about their product way before their launch but things don’t usually happen the way you want them to happen. The Samsung Galaxy Fold another super hyped-up phone which was supposed to go on sale from April this year but it didn’t, some journalists discovered problems with the phone’s USP the foldable screen.  Same happened with Apple a month before that, another super buzz creating tech gadget, the AirPower wireless charging mat. The product which was teased with iPhone X back in 2017 was speculated to go on sale by 2018. But that didn’t happen in 2019 either. Eventually, Apple cancelled the launch of the product.

Airpower wireless charging mat

The fact that couldn’t be denied here is, that companies tend to focus on the marketing of the product rather focusing on the engineering that is supposed to make their product a market stand out. We have to agree on this that here we are talking about the flagship segment and nobody would like to spend their $1000 on something that won’t last a month or isn’t worth that bill. Nevertheless, even Samsung Galaxy Note 10 bids a goodbye one of the most favourable features in the smartphone industry. 

But on the other hand, we can put the blame completely on the companies? Every tech expert, every blogger, everyone here and there is ready and packed with a huge bundle of rumours and leaks which makes it practically impossible for the companies to truly satisfy our expectations with their high-class creativity and engineering.

We have always been eager to know every bits and piece of a product way before its launch. Which gives this buzzing session the fuel it requires to stay alive.

However, we do conclude with this that even the best of them all makes certain blunders which put a black spot on their image no matter how hard they try, one way or the other they fail to please us, the customers.

Get Ready to bid a Goodbye to 3.5 Headphone jack

And a major step taken by Samsung with the Galaxy Note 10 to disappoint its customers is to follow the footsteps of Apple and dump the 3.5mm headphone jack. So yes, here we bid a the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 bids goodbye to the headphone jack. Can we sense this as a start of an era, with Samsung focusing on future full with smartphones without the headphone jack?

Say Goodbye to headphone jack

The upcoming event from Samsung would be a game-changer as the market is full of hype and the buzz which creates curiosity in everybody out there waiting eagerly for the launch. 

But can we trust these rumours which are making Galaxy Note 10 the most-hot topic on the internet today? Or it would end up as a blunder from the South-Korean tech giants.

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