Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Price (Rumored)

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Price (Rumored)

Update: So, Galaxy Note 10 is confirmed to launch on August 7. Samsung will launch Note10 flagship in three variants. As per reports, it’s going to get available from August 23 and Note 10 price might start from $1000 USD.

 In this article, we are going to talk over the Galaxy Note 10 price and availability in various countries.  
Note 10 release date
Samsung Unpacked 2019, Event to happen in New York on August 7

If you are searching for a new smartphone with all the latest updates, Samsung might have just helped you out in your search. Just wait for a little while so that you get the best you can imagine. According to The Bell, a Korean site, Samsung has already started deliberating last month over the new launches for the next year. After the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in August 2018, we are all speculating that Samsung will most probably release the brand new Galaxy Note 10 again in the month of August in 2019. And we are pretty close, as the Note10 release date is confirmed now.

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The newest upgradations we are expecting in Samsung Note 10

And as rumors all around say Samsung has decided to step up its game and give its users the best possible smartphone out there in the market with all the latest updates along with improved internal and external features both. The speculations also speak about the return of S Pen with updates and numerous new functions to perform for the creative purpose which is hinted by The Bell as it has codenamed the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 as ‘Da Vinci’.

Samsung has focused a lot more on its display this time and decided to increase the display size to compete against other big names in the industry like Apple.

We might get a chance to see a full 6.66 inches super AMOLED screen (Infinity Display) standing strong against iPhone Xs Max and Google Pixel 3Xl along with pop-up selfie camera HDR camera picture quality and HD screen resolution.

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According to Etnews, we have high chances that Samsung is thinking to drop the 3.5 mm headphone jack not only in the Galaxy Note 10 but also in the Galaxy S11 which is also rumored to be released just after a short period the Galaxy Note 10 launches. Samsung is on fire as it is dropping the coolest gadgets one after the other. The Galaxy Note 10 might be using the latest Exynos 9825 processor with 8GB RAM and maximum storage capacity of 512GB.

Apart from these, Samsung will have also have 45W charging capability with Note 10+, 5G and improved camera setup.

What could be the price of Samsung Galaxy Note 10?

When we talk about the price, it is quite known to everyone that with the release of new models of the smartphones the prices increase eventually. With these many upgradations increasing the price to a reasonable amount is a usual and ethically correct move on the side of the gadget industry as well.

Looking at the price of Apple iPhone Xs the barrier of the pricing of a smartphone being more than $1000 is crossed long ago and following the trend many big names have set the prices of their respective smartphones too high and so we think that Samsung would not really lag behind in the same and it will surely price Samsung Galaxy Note 10 high as well.

The Galaxy Note 9 was priced at $1214.00 and $ 970.94 for the 512GB and 128Gb variants respectively. As evident from past any known brand does not step down the ladder and decrease the price than the previous models and so Samsung will also surely not be pricing Galaxy Note 10 any less than $1000. It is certain that the cost would be more than at least $1100 and would range somewhere between $1150 to $1400.

But we highly expect from Samsung that it does not price the smartphone extremely high for a regular guy to even afford it. Samsung S11 might also be releasing at the ending of next year which might be priced at $900 or more because of its sleek and cool look and rumors have just started to begin about it as well.

Galaxy Note 10 price
Galaxy Note 10 Render by PhoneArena

Galaxy Note 10 Price (County Wise)

Model Galaxy Note 10 Note 10 Lite Galaxy Note 10+
Price in the USA 1100 USD 999 USD 1299 USD
Price in UK 980 Euro 890 Euro 1150 Euro
Price in India 74,499 INR 68,700 INR 89,499 INR
Price in Australia 1549 AUD 1399 AUD 1800 AUD
Price in Canada 1435 CAD 1300 CAD 1699 CAD
Price in South Korea 1,298,033 WON 1,178,849 WON 1,532,858 WON
Price in Russia 69, 219 Ruble 62, 863 Ruble 81, 742 Ruble
Price in UAE 4040 Dirham 3669 Dirham 4771 Dirham
 The Price mentioned above might vary depending on your Gio location and Note10 variant.  

We all know that the Korean company has placed itself at such a position in the tech industry and how big of a name it has established that there is no coming down from there and we have absolutely zero expectations from it to let us all down and create a blunder. We surely have high hopes especially from the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 since it is being talked a lot about. Excluding all the curiosity to know what Samsung has got in the store to offer us we have total faith in Samsung that it will not let us all down as it has stood strong on our expectations as always.

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