The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Rumors and Expectaction.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Rumors and Expectaction.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Rumours:

  • UNPACKED 2019 event is going to happen on August 7, 2019
  • Galaxy Note 10 to have 5G Connectivity
  • Quad Camera Setup possibly
  • Improved S-Pen

Did you get bored with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ?? If the answer is yes we totally understand you since the Galaxy Note 9 was launched in August 2018 which is not really a while ago but for a gadget freak that seems pretty old, right? But Guess what happy news is??

Samsung has started deliberating over something that comes next, the launch of the brand new Galaxy Note 10, its updated features, its release date, its pricing and every minutest detail it is going to offer for the coming years. With the deliberation of the new Galaxy Note10 comes loads of rumors about the same. So all the rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 going around in the gadget world are summoned here under one umbrella for you.

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External upgraded features

The Galaxy Note 9 had a display of 6.40 inches and the rumors had it that the Samsung has decided to go up a level to focus more on the display area and increase the display size to 6.66 inches with a super AMOLED screen which is larger than that of iPhone Xs Max or Google Pixel 3 XL. That is pretty large for a smartphone and we doubt that it might cause a problem. Following the herd along with Google, Apple and OnePlus, the Galaxy Note 10 might also be abstained from the 3.5mm headphone jack to be in win the never-ending race.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is said to be named as ‘Da Vinci’ as claimed by a Korean newspaper which could indicate towards the return of S pen with improved features but we cannot be sure about it. There are also high chances of the on-screen fingerprint sensor and pop-up selfie camera along with primary triple camera being added to the smartphone.

Internal upgraded features

Looking the previous pattern with the chips Samsung uses, it might be using the same 1.7GHz octa-core Exynos 9810 processor as used in the Galaxy Note 9 or the latest Exynos or it might also use the Snapdragon chipset and will most probably be having an 8GB RAM with the maximum internal storage of 512GB.

Price to expect and the release date

Coming to the release date, Samsung has a history for years now to release the Smartphones specifically in August and so we are estimating it would again be in August 2019. The date may vary as it was never fixed previously. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 had a starting price of $1000 and so we expect the price to be more than that of Galaxy Note 9 as usually seen that with the release new models of smartphones the prices increase.

What do we hope for??

Note 9 had the fingerprint sensor at the back but we would like it to be in front for better and easy use. If Samsung wants to race against its peers We are expecting the bezels to be completely removed for a better and cooler look and the Bixby buttons as they were very much disliked in the Galaxy Note 9. These were located at the back of the phone and could be easily pressed accidentally  It should also solve the issues we had with the Note 9 of heavyweight and screen reflections by using the anti-glare screen protectors and other ways.

We are totally hoping for an HDR video recording as the Galaxy Note 9 was kept at a distance from it and the features and the picture quality related to the front camera like face lock technology improved facial recognition and more. As the battery life reduces after a year or so, we would like to see the improvements in that area as providing a longer lasting battery even though The Galaxy Note 9 had an amazing battery capacity of 4000 mAh.

As we all know The Galaxy Note 9 was already quite expensive so we hope that the Galaxy Note 10 prices do not touch the sky and be reasonable.

As always we have high hopes from Samsung since it is such a worldwide known brand and we hope that it stands strong on our expectations and bring something new and the best for the show to leave people surprised. We are also now eagerly waiting like all of you guys for the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to see what new features Samsung has got for its users.

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