Samsung Galaxy Note 20 | Camera, Specs, Features and Rumours

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 | Camera, Specs, Features and Rumours

2020 is expected to be a great year for the tech industry. Our favorite tech brands just launched some amazing flagship smartphones in the market and the more amazing news is that there are more flagship devices that are expected to be launched in 2020.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has become the talk of the town as it is one of the upcoming smartphones which are expected to launch in 2020. As by name, this series is launched by Samsung. Samsung recently launched the Galaxy S20 and hit the market with this flagship. Now Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has caught all the eyeballs. Let’s discuss this amazing smartphone and it’s flagship features. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Galaxy Note 20 Display

Samsung Note 20 comes with a 6.42-inch display with a display resolution of 3200×1440. This screen resolution with the best screen size gives the user a premium look and feel while watching shows or playing games.

404 PPI is provided which means this huge screen consists of 404 pixels per inch. When you have such a high number of pixel rates per inch in your device, screen quality fluctuation just cannot be an issue.

Galaxy Note 20 Design

People are expecting designs according to their own comfort whereas rumors tell a different story. On the other hand, leaks have already started to pile up. Leaked information from a few months back indicates that Samsung might give the Note 20 a pretty cool look. The upcoming Samsung Note 20 might come up with an all-new curved display that can be wrapped with the edge of the screen. This screen can actually give the device an attractive side. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Galaxy Note 20 Camera Feature

Well it’s not verified yet but it is said that there will be a triple-lens camera provided with Samsung Galaxy Note 20The back camera will be of 108MP+ 48MP+ 12MP whereas the front-facing camera is expected to be 40MP

Samsung Galaxy Note 20’s camera has become the talk of the town. People are expecting to have a camera with various features like 

  • Periscope camera 
  • Space zoom feature i.e. 100x zoom

Currently, it can be just expected to have such features as Samsung hasn’t claimed anything like that yet.

Processor provided 

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will provide user Exynos 9 octa 990 processor which is Samsung’s own processor. However, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will also be available with snapdragon in the U.S.  In the Indian market, Samsung will launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 with its own processor Exynos 990

Galaxy Note 20 Rumours!

Which one is better: Snapdragon/ Exynos?

Well Snapdragon and Exynos both are equally powerful chipset. However, snapdragon is from Qualcomm, and Exynos is Samsung’s own chipset.

  • If we compare both a little, Snapdragon from Qualcomm is the go-to standard for many manufacturers whereas Exynos is Samsung’s only and personal chipset.
  • Samsung actually produces two variants of its handset, one is the American version, and the other as the international version. American version hosts the snapdragon chipset whereas the international version hosts the Exynos chipset.

Does Samsung Galaxy Note 20 have a metal body? 

Actually, nowadays most flagship phones are made of the glass body. Glass is the main material of choice filling up the entire front and back and a sturdy metal frame wrapping around the perimeter holds it all together. Thus, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 display repair can actually cost between $235 to$335 for the front panel.

Will Samsung Galaxy Note 20 have 4500 Mah battery life? 

RUMOR:  It is still considered as the rumor that the upcoming flagship Galaxy Note 20 will have a 4500mAh battery life. This information went so viral that users started expecting a better and high battery life with Galaxy Note 20 plus.

UPDATE: A few days back it was said in a statement by Ross young that the base variant i.e. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will have a 4000mAh battery life, battery life can be expanded up to 4500Mah in the next variant.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Refresh Rate 

It was claimed by Mr. Young’s tweet that there will be no third variant in the Samsung Note 20 series. That clearly means there will be no Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra variant.  In the rest 2 variants, it was expected that there will be a 120Hz refresh rate display panel.

A few days back, Ross Young confirmed that the base Note 20 will not have a higher refresh rate. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will run on a regular 60Hz refresh rate screen. It is done to reduce costs. The lower cost will attract mid-range smartphone users also. As Galaxy Note 20 series have two variants, there should be a difference between the base and the premium model. 

UPDATE: The 120Hz refresh rate panel is not for Samsung Galaxy Note 20. 

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