Will Samsung hit the benchmark? Stakes are sky high with the heated rumors of the latest Galaxy S11.

Will Samsung hit the benchmark? Stakes are sky high with the heated rumors of the latest Galaxy S11.

It has been years that Samsung is ruling the smartphone industry alongside with Apple but the question which arises here is that “has Samsung learned anything from their past mistakes?”

The Flagship S-series setback

The South Korea-based tech giant has to come up with something revolutionary with the line-up of the ‘Flagship S-series’. The Galaxy S9 from 2018 didn’t attract much audience, which leads to a crisis in the sales of its flagship smartphones. The Galaxy S9 and S9+ were like an identical twin to the Galaxy S8 and S8+ that had been launched a year earlier.

The downfall didn’t just start here with a dip in profit, Samsung had to call back the Galaxy Note 7 globally smartphone due to exploding batteries in 2016. We have seen in the recent past that the days are going well for Samsung, its vice-chairman Lee Jae-Yong, a descendant of the Samsung group’s founding family, was jailed for his part in the sprawling corruption scandal.

Samsung galaxy s11

The tech giants would be aiming to overcome this financial crisis, with the same intent they launched the Galaxy S10. Users liked the new design, and the hidden fingerprint sensor under the screen was also a boon. With this all eyes are set on what’s going to happen with Galaxy S11, will it be another boring update like S9 or Samsung will keep its focus right to hit the bull’s eye.

Talking about the profits, all thank goes to the demand for premium TVs, and memory chips which helped to fetch a profit up nearly 6%.

Tremendous return with the Galaxy S10 and S10+: S11 is next!

But what’s with the Galaxy S11? Will it be a minor needless update like the S9? Will it be a big update like the S10? Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ smartphones already being one of the most complete all-around smartphones in the market. With being an alien update to the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9, big, nearly-bezel-less, bright Dynamic OLED display. Adding to that S10 being super-light with a glass and metal body. Not following the tradition of ‘notch’, Samsung came up with two holes placed to the top right known as new ‘in thing’.

Samsung S10+ power performance
Samsung already offered a lot with the Galaxy S10, it’s a beast when comes to performance.

Therefore, the question remains the same, will Samsung hit the benchmark again? Like it did with Galaxy S10 or it would be a tech-blunder like Galaxy S9.

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