Samsung Galaxy Unpacked S20 : Price and Features.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked S20 :  Price and Features.

Samsung has launched Galaxy Note 10 & 10 Plus smartphones on August 7. Now everyone’s eyes are set on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S20 flagship. The Note10 has launched with really high-end specs: snapdragon 855, 8GB / 12GB, 4300 mAh battery, 5G networks, etc. Both flagships start at 949$ and 1099$ respectively. Meanwhile, its Q4, 2019 and we have seen some really high-end top-notch flagships Pixel 4, OnePlus 7T and iPhone 11. Here, we are going to talk about the Galaxy S20 features and its expected price.

Unpacked Event of Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung is going to keep its subsequent important Unpacked occasion on February 11 in San Francisco. Whether they name their subsequent flagship lineup the Galaxy S11 or Galaxy S20 does not make lots of a difference; we’re going to see the modern-day and best it has to offer.

As a result, there have been speculations about the same that is Galaxy S20. The company has not yet made any type of official statements on the upcoming device but has definitely started with the work of the bigger and better Galaxy S20.

The rumours are totally based on some calculative guesses which further are based on the company’s prior work and pre-scheduled moves for the upcoming years. So what all are those rumours? We have tried to pull you out of the dark and enlighten you with all the features we know according to the rumours about the concept, Images & design of Samsung Galaxy S20. Read more to know about the features the big champ is about to have.

Features Of  Samsung Galaxy S20

For the starter, we can expect a 120Hz Super AMOLED display is on the move. We have seen it with OnePlus and Pixel devices. Now its time for Samsung to bring this awesome super-smooth display to GalaxyS20. The processor, RAM, and battery aren’t the majors now, it’s the camera, software optimization, and smooth UI is the key.

Samsung Galaxy S20,, S20+ & S20 Ultra

Samsung towards Folded Optics Technology:

There have been rumours about Samsung buying a company, Core photonics, which works on folded camera optics. Smartphones do not use zoom lenses because of the lack of space which is required for lens to move rather they use digital zoom which degrades the picture quality. The latest solution this using the Folded Camera Optics technology. Folded camera optics use prism that reflects the light coming from the subject to fall on the sensor that is built in the body.

Samsung is rumoured to be adopting the same technology besides the telephoto and wide-angle cameras in its Galaxy S20 which will provide the device’s camera with 10x magnification leading to better and professional pictures.

Galaxy S11 Advance camera Technology

Three Dimensional Face recognition

Samsung might just be using vision technology that provides a 3D scanner camera for Android smartphones which would scan your face from all the three dimensions to provide your phone’s access.

On-screen fingerprint sensor.

The device is going to have an ultrasonic on-screen fingerprint sensor that uses ultrasonic pulses to detect your biometric fingerprints for the phone’s access. Not only that it is also going to have an eye comfort display that reduces the blue light but does not change the colour of the picture.

Samsung Galaxy S11 with 5G

5G Connectivity

Qualcomm’s 5G chips are the chips that have a combined 5G modem to the mobile’s processor. Samsung has agreed to use the Qualcomm 5G chips in its flagships. Using Qualcomm’s 5G chips would add on to the power efficiency of the device and the device and the device would be having a long-lasting battery life. If this does not happen, we are pretty much sure about that the S20 and the other variants would surely be having a 5G connectivity.

Is the company changing the name?

The rumours have it that the company is thinking to change the name of the device and searching up for some appealing names rather than Galaxy S ELEVEN as the company feels that such long names like S ELEVEN, S TWELVE and so on would not be a thing of attraction in long run and also they are difficult to pronounce. And so for the same reason, there are chances that you might be hearing a new name for S20 in 2020.

 As per the reports, Samsung will have three variants eg. Galaxy S11 Lite, S11 and S11 Plus. 

The same questions would arise for the Galaxy Note 20 as Note 10 is soon to be launched in August but the company is wanting to just focus on S series for now.

When is Samsung Galaxy S20 releasing?

Pre-Orders of Galaxy S20

The Korean Company has pre-set patterns for its release dates which it follows every year. So it becomes quite easy to have an estimate of the time when the company is about to release the new model. Samsung has been launching its S series in the month of March which takes us to the dead-end that Samsung Galaxy S20 would be launched in early March 2020 which is a pretty long time to wait at the moment. But if you want to know more about the device, new details about the same would come along as the time would pass. So you will have to wait if you are looking forward to the device.

Big Question –  How much would the Samsung Galaxy S20 cost?

As already said above, Samsung follows certain patterns for a few regions for its devices. Pricing of the devices is another one. We all know that not only Samsung but every technical company increases the price of its devices slightly as the new models get launched because they hold more and upgraded features which is genuine and logical enough by the company. And so we are pretty sure that the device would be costing slightly more than what Galaxy S10 did.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Price

The Galaxy S20 is priced at INR66,999 ($935/€865) whereas the S20 charges INR73,999($1035/€955). And if you select to go for the S20 Ultra, you’ll have to shell out INR92,999 ($1300/€1200). These prices are for the 128GB storage variant and the trio will come in three colour options – Cloud Blue, Cosmic Gray, and Cosmic Black.

The 3 smartphones are already up for pre-orders on Samsung India’s official websites, with Sale Start on March 6. Those who pre-book the vanilla S20 can get the Galaxy Buds+ for INR2,999 ($40/€38), while those who go for the Galaxy+ or  Galaxy Ultra mannequin can get it for INR1,999 ($30/€25).
Pre-orders of Galaxy S29

Galaxy S10 is available for $1050 and $1300 for 128 GB and 512 GB variants; Galaxy S10 plus is available for $1200, $1450 and $1850 for 128 GB, 512 GB, and 1 TB variants; Galaxy S10e is the cheapest for the price of $ 914 for 128 GB variant. Combining all we can say that the Galaxy S20 cost ranges from $999 to $1399.

So we can expect the price to be more than $1000 for a basic S20 model and price almost touching to $2000 for the plus variants. All in all, you will be getting Galaxy S20 at a price ranging from $1000 to $1900 at the best.

The price range of all the three S20 variants are listed below:

Model Name Price
Galaxy S20 5G Price $999
Galaxy S20+5G Price $1,199
Galaxy S20 5G Ultra Price $1399

The S20 prices have been quite high to be affordable. And yet, these flagships are worthy enough. There will be 6/8/12 GB variants with 128/256/512 GB of storage capacity in S20. We hope this flagship will bring a complete package of camera, performance, and beauty together. Well, it’s more of uncertain now, but it must be something like we stated above. You can also tell us what features you like to have in upcoming flagship by commenting below.

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