Samsung Galaxy S30/S21 Leaks And Rumors : Big Changes for 2021

Samsung Galaxy S30/S21 Leaks And Rumors : Big Changes for 2021

The Samsung Galaxy S21/S30 Leaks and rumours have already ongoing. Here’s what to expect — and what’s on our wishlist. The Samsung Galaxy S20 series has received a mixed response this year due to launch bugs and high price, so it should come as no surprise that some are already looking forward to next year’s Samsung Galaxy S30.In fact, it is still very early in the Galaxy S30 rumour series, especially as the Galaxy Note 20 is only coming in a month. We have already seen some leaks and Rumors for Samsung S21/S30 next Galaxy S phone. We also have our own wish list for the Galaxy S30/ S21 series.

The naming strategy for Samsung was easy to predict before S20. The company followed a sequential pattern for naming. However, the company ever since jumped from S10 to S20 it’s a bit different and difficult now to exactly predict the name of the upcoming model especially when there has been no official announcements yet as of the writing of this article. 

Samsung Galaxy S21 lastest News and Rumors: What’s happened so far?

Here are all the leaks and rumors surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S21, or Galaxy S30.

16 September 2020:  Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra battery details leaks

It looks like there won’t be a big boost up in battery for the  Galaxy S21 Ultra, with 5000mAh being reported.

17 September 2020: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Could have two zoom cameras

According to sources in Korea, the next-gen Galaxy S21 Ultra from Samsung could use two zoom lenses, to create a camera system to rival Huawei.

30 September 2020: Galaxy S21 Ultra battery confirmation via Chinese certification

What’s attention to be the battery for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has been registered with the Chinese certification authority 3C, confirming previous leaks that the S21 Ultra will have a 5000mAh battery.

19 October 2020: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra could arrive early and here it is…

The information has claimed the Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra could come in “early on January” 2021. Renders of the S21 Ultra have already appeared online too – adding further weight to the idea of an early release.

Samsung Galaxy S30/ S21 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S21/S30 leaks and Rumors (image credit:

There is a pattern in the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S series. It is observed that Samsung launches its flagship S series in the month of February. The S9 was launched on February 25, S10 on February 20 and Galaxy S20 on February 11. So observing this pattern and taking an educated guess it is expected that the Samsung galaxy S21/S30 series may be launched in the month of February 2021. The above mentioned period of the launch is likely to differ as it is not announced yet by the company officially.

Samsung Galaxy S30/S21 Price

The predecessor of Galaxy S21/S30 series is the Galaxy S20 series which launched earlier this year and the price asked for the model are as follows :

  • Samsung Galaxy S20: £899 / $999
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus : £999 / $1,199
  • Samsung Galaxy Ultra : £1,199 / $1,399

The Samsung Galaxy S30 /S21 Plus most probably around $200 and the Galaxy S30 Ultra is $200 more. Some reports suggest that the Galaxy S30 will be more expensive than the phones charged this year due to the Snapdragon 875 due to the system-on-chip that powers the new phones. However, there has been some controversy over reports of expensive Snapdragon chipsets.

Samsung Galaxy S30/S21 Camera

Samsung Galaxy S30 leaks and Rumors

(Image credit: Google .com)

Samsung undoubtedly plans to offer something big in terms of camera specifications. The biggest talk in the market is the launch of under-screen cameras with the S21 /S30series. The flagship of S21 Ultra will definitely have an edge over the other two models of the series. Samsung has hinted strongly on the availability of an under-screen front camera. Also, there are talks of Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) in the front camera which will automatically give Samsung an unbeatable edge over the smartphones of its contemporary brands

Another big Samsung Galaxy S30/S21 leaks and Rumors is allegedly confirming the availability of a 150 Megapixel sensor for the main camera. The camera set up of the S21 series is not yet confirmed or announced so each of the above speculations cannot be confirmed with certainty. The specifications offered by the camera settings can be confirmed in the following coming months only. 

Interesting news reported by the popular Samsung Leak Ice Universe indicates that the company sees the high-megapixel sensors in the Galaxy S20 Ultra at 108 MP. as a way forward for the industry and is committed to their development. In fact, the Samsung executive which leads the company’s sensor business theorized that it could technically “go beyond the human eye” to launch a 600MP sensor a day.

Samsung Galaxy S30/S21 Degins and Display

Every flagship smartphone of Samsung is featuring a wide range of changes and among those changes is design of the system. It is very important to have an attractive and appealing design of the smartphone. It is the first and one of the most important factors a customer is attracted towards. It Could be said that the design is the first impression of the smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S20 has made some changes in the front as compared from the S10 series. The changes are likely the camera has moved towards the middle rather than being at the left side.

The challenge for the company, however, will be the availability of an under-screen front camera. The waterproof body with a glass rear and metallic frame is likely to remain but there may be many a number of different options of colour available. 


Samsung Galaxy S30 Leaks and Rumors (Image Credit : Google .com)

The S20 series has different sizes for all the different models like for Samsung Galaxy S20 display is 6.2 inch, for S20+ display is 6.7 inch and similarly for S20 ultra display is 6.9 inches. The S21 series is also rumoured to follow the same pattern but all have curved edges and all will have a Quad HD+ resolution with a 120Hz rate of a refresh as in the S20 series launched earlier this year. 

Samsung is also experimenting with displays that would be curved on all four sides, which could come to the Galaxy S30 series. The device would still have a metal frame, but the rounded panel would make the screen more immersive. This is based on copyright discovered by LetsGoDigital.

Samsung Galaxy S30/ S21 Specifications

It has been strongly suggested that the Ultra (flagship) part of the series will likely run on a 5-nanometer chipset which is a yet to be announced Exynos 1000. It is also said to compete with its contemporary also yet to be announced, the Snapdragon 875 offered by Qualcomm. Which will be available in the United States version of the device. Now coming to the standard S21 and S21+ it’s still unclear to us which chipset is to be used but rumours strongly hint towards the use of yet unconfirmed and unannounced the Exynos 991/992 respectively. 

It is also confirmed that the 5 G variant of all the sets in the series will also be made available. The Storage capacity made available in all the devices to be launched will come in two variations one of 128 Gigabytes and the other of 256 Gigabytes. In terms of the battery options, S21 /S30Ultra will have the most followed by S21+ and S21 respectively. According to a leak, S21 Ultra will have a battery life of 5000 mAh, which is followed by S21+ having a battery life of 4600 mAH and lastly the model Samsung Galaxy S30 is expected to be launched with a battery life of 4000 mAh. 

Conclusion :

Samsung Galaxy S30 Rumors has outgrown its market exponentially in both developing as well as developed economies around the globe. This is basically due to the advanced and successful development of its devices. The majority of its market is based on its flagship series of smartphones which is capable of delivering quality products as well as competing with brands like Apple and Huawei. 

The excitement about its future products is also due to many interesting patents Samsung has copyrighted in the last few years. It is expected that Samsung is going to develop and deliver great features in the smartphone industry in the coming future. Samsung also fills top quality products in the developing countries where it observes its majority market share.

S21 maybe will come with newer and higher standards so is the reason for its excitement for the customer. The company is excited too as it has tasted exclusive success with its S series and certainly wishes to expand and explore new markets and customers. The above-mentioned data may vary depending on announcements by the company officials but it could be guaranteed the upcoming model will be better than its predecessor in many areas. 

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