Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event 2020 : Watch Live Stream Here

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event 2020 : Watch Live Stream Here

The South Korean electronics giant, Samsung has announced this year’s Samsung “Unpacked” event which is happening next week. The company is expected to extend the Galaxy S Smartphone line-up with the new Galaxy S20 smartphones. Everything you need to know about this Unpacked event is listed here in this article. Let’s get on to the details now! 

Samsung Mobile has officially announced the details of their upcoming Unpacked event. The company has shared details on Twitter from its official handle. The official tweet shared by @samsungmobile is embedded here.

When is Samsung Galaxy Unpacked?

Samsung’s Unpacked event is happening from Tuesday 11 February 2020. The event will be telecasted online as well as offline in San Franciso starting at 11 am PT. Since the event is going to be telecasted across the globe, the timings for different regions are enlisted below:

  • US PT: 11 am 11 February
  • US ET: 2 pm 11 February
  • London: 7pm (GMT) 11 February
  • CET: 8pm 11 February
  • Moscow: 10pm 11 February
  • Dubai: 11 pm 11 February
  • Mumbai: 12.30 am 12 February
  • Singapore: 3 am 12 February
  • Beijing: 3 am 12 February
  • Tokyo: 4 am 3 am 12 February
  • Sydney: 6 am 12 February

As noted above, Samsung is going to live telecast this event so that the people from across the globe can witness the new flagships of Samsung.

How to watch the Galaxy S20 Unpacked event online? 

Apparently, Samsung has not disclosed officially live-streaming platforms or the link of the video to be embedded on the blogs. However, we can expect the streaming to go live on Samsung’s Social Network profiles on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You can also stream the event live on Samsung’s official website I.e.

If you are a big fan of Samsung and its products and want to keep yourself up to date with Samsung’s new launches, then according to Samsung’s official Tweet, the company to start updating things with the hashtag #SamsungEvent and #TheNextGalaxy.

What to Expect from Samsung’s Unpacked Event?

Unpacked Event on Galaxy S20.

Samsung Galaxy S20

Until now, we have received plenty of rumours and leaks on Samsung’s upcoming flagship phones I.e. the new generation of Galaxy S phones, Samsung Galaxy S20. According to reports, the company is most likely to announce three new smartphones under its Galaxy S20 smartphones named with Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra

Some reports claim that Samsung to launch these devices with different variants for different regions across the globe. The new Galaxy S20 smartphones will be compatible with 5G networks for the regions where 5G connectivity is available. The same devices will be launched with 4G compatibility in other regions where 5G network is not available.

Latest leaks and comparison of S20:

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Interestingly, Samsung has already started accepting orders from the users. If you book a Galaxy S20 device now, you will likely to get it delivered at your doorstep from March 6. More details about the pricing and availability of the new Galaxy S20 phones will be revealed by the officials during the event time. 


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 

Pre-orders of Galaxy Z-flip

Samsung is already dominating the dual-screen smartphone market with its innovative Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone which was launched last year. The company is now expected to unveil the next edition of its foldable smartphone named Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

The Galaxy Z Flip smartphone has also received many rumours to date. According to rumours, the Galaxy Z Flip will carry a clamshell-style design lock in place at 90 degrees and 180 degrees. The Galaxy Z Flip foldable device would be priced around $1,400 in the US market. We will get to know more about this foldable device from the Unpacked event.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+

pre-orders of Galaxy S20 and get free Buds

Samsung launched its first-generation Wireless Earbuds named Samsung Galaxy Buds which has gained massive popularity across the globe with unbeatable sound quality and great connectivity features. The company is now planning to extend its line-up by introducing the next-generation Samsung Galaxy Buds with Buds+. Some reports also claim that the new Earbuds of Samsung will be called Galaxy Buds 2.

The new generation of Samsung’s Earbuds will be packed with a more powerful battery and better sound quality to compete with Apple’s new generation AirPods.

Samsung Smartwatch 

Pre-orders of samsung galaxy active-2

Samsung is also planning to introduce a new Smartwatch during the Unpacked event. Samsung to extend the Smartwatch line-up of Samsung Galaxy Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 with their next-generation editions. The new generation Samsung Smartwatch will be backed by a powerful battery and a host of new features. We can expect multiple variants of the Smartwatches if they announce.

Samsung Galaxy Home

Samsung Unpacked Event on 11feb 2020.

Samsung has first showcased its innovative smart speaker, Galaxy Home during the launch of their Galaxy S9 smartphones about 18 months back. We have also heard some reports about the mini variant of the Galaxy Home Smart Speaker I.e. Samsung Galaxy Home Mini. Unfortunately, Samsung never brought any of their Smart Speakers to the market till date.

However, in this Unpacked event, we are likely to witness the launch of Samsung’s new Galaxy Home Smart Speaker’s range. Some reports are confirming the launch of Galaxy Home Smart Speakers from Samsung during the Unpacked event.

The Smart Speaker’s market is booming nowadays with a number of options from Google and Amazon. To give head to head competition, Samsung may also come up with their Galaxy Home Smart Speakers soon. Since there is no official confirmation made on the Galaxy Home Smart Speaker, we have to take this information with a pinch of salt. More details will be revealed soon by the officials.

Anything else? 

Well, Samsung has not disclosed anything about the products which they are going to unpack during their Unpacked event. However, we have still managed to gather all the information from various sources, rumours and leaks that we have received in the past. The above-listed products are likely to be announced during this event from Samsung.

What could surprise us all is the brand-new Samsung Galaxy Home Smart Speaker Series. All eyes will be on the Samsung’s Smart Speaker line-up.

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