Samsung Note 11: Rumors and Expectations

Samsung Note 11: Rumors and Expectations

2020? What to expect with Samsung Galaxy Note 11?

Now that Samsung is done with launching its Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus. Moreover, now we do have them in the stores and we must say Samsung has done a great job to satisfy its customers and has delivered a smartphone that stands out in the Flaghship segment.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 +

We speculated the specifications and the features offered by Samsung in our previous articles, despite being a high priced smartphone, Samsung has done a brilliant job to get the phone packed with various specifications which make the phone a complete stand-out.

Recollecting every up and down from the smartphone we do conclude that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 is an ultra-premium, big-screen phone, a 6.8- inch AMOLED screen with the same rich colours and wide viewing angles we expect from the South Korean Tech Giants.  Along with an excellent screen offering the same does the same with the battery life, day time photography is excellent, but it’s the dedicated night mode where Samsung hits the bull’s eye.

So yeah, we can say that Samsung has presented almost everything with its Galaxy Note 10 Plus. So what now? What do we expect from Samsung when it comes to 2020? The Samsung Galaxy Note 11? Samsung? Are you hearing? Your fans are keen to know what to expect from you in the coming year with your upcoming ‘S-Pen Flagship’.

Will it go as expected? A Good 2020?

Will Samsung disappoint us like the Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9 or even worse like Note 7, or Samsung has something awaited for its 2020 models. Here, we put some lights on the latest rumours about the ‘S-Pen Flagship 2020’, the Samsung Galaxy Note 11.

Samsung Galaxy Note 11

The most talked-about thing when it comes to the upgrade of the Mighty Note 10 and Note 10 Plus is Samsung’s plan to power their phones with graphene. Every now and then we tend to get frustrated with the battery performance of our smartphones, whether it be a smartphone or a multimedia phone. Well, Samsung has a plan to revolutionise smartphone battery technology with its 2020 segment.

It has been just under two years since Samsung announced that its Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) had developed a battery using graphene. The accompanying press release promised that its “graphene ball” technology offered a 45% increase in capacity over conventional lithium-ion batteries, while it could be charged five times faster too.

We expect the technology to have the potential to take us into a new generation of batteries for mobile devices. But we haven’t seen anything on the talk since from Samsung and we await for the 2020 slot to show up with some of these futuristic specs.

If Samsung did what we are expecting it to do, we must say that it would change the battery technology worldwide, not just for the smartphone but also for laptops, tablets and other battery oriented gadgets. And stating that it’s a revolutionary technology we should expect it to hit the market with the flagships of the company, and with the launch of Galaxy Note 10, Samsung has made it very clear that its focus is rightly centred on the ‘S-Pen Flagship’, therefore, we should aim on the Note 11 to witness the Graphene batteries. A late 2020 or early 2021 release would seem more likely, which would bring the Note 11 or Galaxy S12 into view. Other candidates would include the Note 12 or perhaps even a Galaxy Fold successor.

But as you all know our hunger for the leaks and rumours would never die and continuing on the same path we will get hot stuff and trending news about the upcoming Galaxy Note 11 on our website, so stay tuned for further updates and rumours.

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