Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Release Date, Price, Specs & Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Release Date, Price, Specs & Features

Forget about the S20, it’s time for Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

On Feb 20, Samsung has launched its next-generation camera with Galaxy S20, S20 Plus & S20 Ultra. Samsung always surprises its competitors by introducing the biggest camera upgrades to its flagship. Recently launched Note phones bought 45W charging that can charge your smartphone from 0 to 100% in one hour. This time Note flagship doesn’t have a 3.5 mm Jack which is a bit unsatisfactory for many users. Apart from it Samsung always brings top-end performance. With Snapdragon 865, 12GB RAM this flagship seems killer when it comes to multi-tasking. Meanwhile, Galaxy S20 is on the shelves of your nearest retail store with exciting discount offers. Now all eyes set for Galaxy 2020, rumors and leaks for Galaxy Note 11 have already spread over the internet.

In this article, we are going to talk about What features and tech advancement will the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 11 haves for us. We are Galaxy Note 20 a small community of Samsung fans, On this blog, we are covering all the upcoming Samsung Galaxy smartphones. You can find their leaks, comparisons, concepts on our site. Meanwhile, let’s know more about Note11.

Galaxy Note 10

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So, Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ are finally out in the market. Both Smartphones runs on snapdragon 855, available in 8GB / 12GB RAM and  256 / 512GB storage options. You can book for yourself by clicking below button and if you want to wait for the next one, let’s check specs and features that Note 11 can bring in 2020.


As of now, Galaxy S20 aka S11 is the hottest gadget in the news. It’s expected to launch on Unpacked 2020 and will be in three variants Note S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra. Although the device is just rumored, some specs will pretty much remain identical to recently launched S20. You can read the complete details here.

The question that is starting to air now is how would Samsung keep the same grade and reputation in the coming year with the next Galaxy Note 2020. Although Note10 is launched with really awesome high-end specs and feature there’s a lot they can do with its upcoming rivals.

galaxy note 20 features
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The first and foremost thing that the company needs to deliberate upon is the name of the next model of the Note series as an irrationally long name of any gadget sounds absurd when pronounced. The company rather in fact has had a conversation about the same in the past to change the name of Note 10 already but has decided to stick with the past ones. Presumably, Samsung would opt either for the usual one like Galaxy Note X1 or Samsung Galaxy Note 11 or might be Galaxy Note 20. We would not know till later so all we can do is wait for the coming months.

So what are we seeking?? NOTHING BUT THE ABSOLUTE BEST. From the most liked old features to the fresh recognisable upgrades, we want it all in the next Samsung Galaxy Note.

The chatters about the Galaxy Note 2020 has just started to flame and so there is a subordinate amount of details we know. As a result, we are making some calculated guesses to figure out what the gadget can have and what all we expect from the company for Galaxy Note 11.

galaxy note 11 concepts

What do we expect from

Samsung Galaxy Note 11 / Note20 ?

A really long way to go for the Note 20 to come out but it does not hold us back from putting forward what all we need from it. As a power user, we all want it to have at least a larger battery, high-performance specs, beautiful design, and awesome camera capabilities. Go through the expected specifications and features jotted down below to know more.

galaxy note 11

Galaxy Note 11 Specifications (EXPECTED)

Since the company has already brought some really dope drastic changes with the models coming in 2019 we cannot know for sure if it would a huge shift in the rooted specs but would definitely add on features to catch the eyes of the buyer.

1. Battery

The Upcoming Galaxy Note 11 flagship will boast a 5000 mAh battery with 45A fast charging.

Earlier this year, Samsung uses its adaptive fast charger which is rumored to be capable of 45 Watts. Did you know that the Korean company uses a super-capacitor technology that assists the S Pen to get charged whenever placed in the device? Yes, that is true. Samsung happens to be putting the same technology into use for a few years now. Samsung has advanced this tech with Wireless PowerShare that can charge your phone wirelessly from another phone supporting this feature.

2. RAM

All the Galaxy Note 20 variants will most likely have a 12 GB RAM.

3. Processor

As far as the facts are concerned, Samsung has already used the latest processors in its previously released models. Qualcomm has recently launched Snapdragon 865. Samsung will come up with 12GB RAM, Snapdragon 865 and awesome camera specs.

Coming over to Samsung’s flagship, the company is working on its Exynos 982X for Galaxy S11. We can expect the Note 11 to run on Exynos 982X and Snapdragon 865+ in 2020. Both these processors support 8K video shootings.

4. Storage

The year 2019 has had a substantial amount of rumors which were later confirmed about the gigantic storage space Samsung offers. Apparently, Samsung Note11 will come up with 128 GB, 256 GB and 512GB memory options with microSD support.

5. Galaxy Note20 Display

There have been certain concerns regarding the display size of Note 10. To combat the issues, two size versions are being launched. We expect Samsung to not increase the display size any more than 6.66 inches to prevent the device from experiencing any backlash.

6. Galaxy Note 20 Camera

galaxy note 20 camera

Samsung has already developed an in-house 108-megapixel camera sensor that offers 8K video recording.  100X Hybrid Optic Zoom enabled by a revolutionary folded lens and high-resolution image sensor. The camera unit will include 5 camera lenses (Penta lens setup) including main sensors, telephoto, wide-angle, in-depth sensors, etc.

The placement of these four lenses would be changed from horizontal to vertical arrangement. The additional optical zoom lens marks a high standard for the picture quality. The camera would help you get versatile detailed pictures in all levels of light from different views.

We know for sure now that if Note 10’s S Pen comes with an additional bonus camera with optical zoom, the S Pen of Galaxy Note 2020 would also be beholding the same which is obviously already thrilling.


Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Features


The Stylus pen has had a massive upgrade in 2019 so we are not expecting many changes in S Pen. The S Pen to be used has all the updated features with the newest additional optical zoom camera which the company has been waiting for ages to equip its devices with. That is a pretty good stick to deal with.


What we expect from Samsung is to not increase the display size any more after expanding it to 6.66 inches. We genuinely do not want a humongous screen to hold because if we did, we would have gotten ourselves a tablet. Right Samsung?

In spite of the fact that the very famous Bixby button has faced some serious backlash, it seems that Samsung is in love with it. We would very much like the device has minimal buttons for a cool sleek look with the absence of the Bixby button.

we know this a lot to ask but can we please expect a new look this time? It has been years with the monotony of similar-looking Samsung gadgets. A new look would not be that bad to attract buyers.


The Galaxy Note series has adopted the iris sensor beforehand which helps with the facial recognitions but we need a better upgraded facial recognition in the next Galaxy Note. An ultrasonic on-screen fingerprint sensor should undoubtedly not be replaced.


After the confirmed launch of 5G enabled Galaxy S11, we can assure you that Note 11 will not abstain from the same grade network connectivity providing you with faster wireless communication. You would be able to stream and download movies and videos in a lot less time.

Galaxy Note11 Specs

When will be the next Samsung Galaxy Note launched?

Samsung annually launches its models, around the same time as the previous launch of that model of a particular series. So far, the company has managed to prove this theory absolutely correct.

The release date of Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy_S20 was estimated using the same theory and are found to be exactly the same.

Galaxy Note 20 Release date

Smartphone Name Release date
Galaxy Note 10 Release date August 2019
Galaxy S11 Release date April 2020
Galaxy Note 20 Release date August 2020

Backing the same theory, the release date of Galaxy Note 11 is estimated to be in early August 2020, as the Note models are launched in the month of August each year. We know it is a pretty long wait.

Let us have an exchange about the Galaxy Note 11 pricing for a minute.

Note 10 is being launched with two size variants who are costing starts at around $1000 of the smaller version and $1200 of the larger version. These two versions further have variants based on storage size.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Price 2020

Smartphone Model Note 11 Price
Galaxy Note 20 Price in USA $899 USD
Galaxy Note 20 Price in India 64000 INR
Galaxy Note20 Price in the UK 684 Pound
Price in Australia 1320 AUD
Price in Canada 1190 CAD
Price in South Korea 1074600 WON

** PS: The price mentioned above is based on reports & expectations. We will update the actual cost details in the coming days.

On the contrary, Galaxy S11 aka S20 is also rumoured to be priced at around $999 USD for the base model. Hence, It is conclusive enough that the Galaxy Note 2020 is expected to be priced no less than $1000 USD for a higher variant and base model will starts from 899 USD.

We know that it is going to be quite a distant wait but we also know that it is all going to be worthwhile. 2020 is destined to be a revolutionary for the Korean company as it has to carry out changes for its survival in the industry. But Samsung is not feeble, which we are certain of, to not handle that gracefully and we assure you Samsung will come steady and indestructible as always. It is all about the wait!

You can share your thoughts and expectations from Samsung Galaxy Note11 flagship, comment down below what you are looking for in it.

5 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Release Date, Price, Specs & Features

  1. they need to drop the punch hold and notch like design. and return 3.5 headphone jack.
    if they offer replaceable battery would be nice. water and dust resistant not priority. durability and repair ability is the area nobody talk and if they touch on this option they can have my favor back

    1. I think this is awesome. I would take the Note 11 with a punch hole display but smaller from the Note 10+ I love how it doesn’t have a headphone jack. C’mon people this is the new modern world we do not want headphone jack. I’m happy without it. I love my wireless headphones. Delete headphone jack more ram more batter better specs.

      I love my note 10+ but I would love to trade in for the note 11 .

      Thank you Samsung.

  2. A removable battery would be nice but with the stronger batteries and faster charging, it isn’t that big a deal. However, bring back the SD card. I know you want to Jack up the price for bigger memory, but really, people who want that will spring for it anyway. But I want the SD card. It makes it easier to get pics printed and lots of other storage options.

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